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ViTAL Living Lab – Sustainability Expo – 26th April 202304/Apr/2023
Towards Self Sufficiency – Flyer09/Jun/2023
Through Life Sustainability Toolset Task Form11/Mar/2022
Team Defence Information Chart – June 202212/Sep/2022
Team Defence Information Bulletin – September 202205/Oct/2022
Team Defence Information Bulletin – October 202205/Oct/2022
TD-Info Website Privacy Policy31/May/2023
TD-Info Townhall Draft Agenda07/Aug/2023
TD-Info STE Training Course Booking Form01/Feb/2022
TD-Info Newsletter – June 202330/Jun/2023
TD-Info Membership Benefits14/May/2021
TD-Info Futures: Summer 22 Update31/Aug/2022
TD-Info Bulletin – January 202201/Jan/2022
TD-Info Bulletin – August-September 202330/Aug/2023
TD-Info Activity Chart15/Feb/2023
TD-Info Activities Chart-Sept 2023.pdf06/Sep/2023
SupportNet23 – Innovation Challenge31/Mar/2023
Support to Ukraine Innovation Fund01/Jun/2022
Support Chain Seminar – Delivering Support Through Partnering in the Digital Age Programme – 12/13 Jan 2211/Jan/2022
Support Chain Seminar – Delivering Support Through Partnering in the Digital Age – 12/13 Jan 2211/Jan/2022
Support Business Function Model & Information Exchange – Opportunity Capture Form21/Sep/2022
Support Advantage Charter13/Jan/2023
Self Sustainment of Operating Bases.pdf08/Dec/2022
Redesigning operational infrastructure.pdf07/Dec/2022
NATO Symposium on Launch and Recovery, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 5-9 December31/Oct/2022
Multi Domain Integration (MDI) Monthly Blog – August 202322/Aug/2023
MDI Charter for TD-Info engagement21/Jan/2022
M365 proposed ToR _v3_24/Jan/2023
Low Carbon Workshop Summary08/Dec/2022
International Fund for Ukraine – Urgent Bidding Round Template31/Oct/2022
International Fund for Ukraine – Urgent Bidding Round Letter31/Oct/2022
Hyperscale SECRET Cloud14/Jul/2023
Future Coherence Board Draft ToRs30/Aug/2022
Forecast and Resource Planning – Introduction and Awareness26/Jan/2022
FCG Team Defence – Hydrogen Network Event, 16 Nov 22 – Output Report12/May/2023
FCG OIL Additive Manufacturing Hack 3-4 April 2023 Registration Information15/Feb/2023
Example Skype Document12/Jan/2022
DSF Newsletter September 202230/Sep/2022
DSF Newsletter May 202331/May/2023
DSF Newsletter – May 2231/May/2022
DI22-Mobilising the Defence Digital Backbone Programme21/Mar/2022
Defence Supply Chain Launch Event – Roger West Slides25/Nov/2022
Defence Supply Chain Launch Event – Marco MOD Slides25/Nov/2022
Defence Supply Chain Launch Event – Major General Simon Hutchings’ Slides25/Nov/2022
Defence Operational Energy Conference 2023 – Day 1 Illustrations22/Mar/2023
Defence Information 22 Draft Programme27/Apr/2022
Defence Information 21-Exploiting the Defence Digital Backbone-16/17 Jun 2115/Jun/2021
Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC) Production Model & Assurance (ProMA) Terms of Reference23/Jan/2023
Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC) Production Model & Assurance (ProMA) Project Brief04/Nov/2022
DE&S Software Acquisition Management improvement (SAMI) 2023 and 2024 programme _11/Jul/2023
DAIC Robot Dogs Hackathon10/Aug/2023
CyDR Pol 2023_C_066_Classification_Changes_2023-06_Issue_1-005/Jul/2023
Capability Enhancements for Sonar 2087 – RFI Form31/Oct/2022
API 4 RAS paper12/Apr/2023
AGM Agenda and Proxy Form 202313/Jun/2023
AFCEA West June event with Gen Collyer18/May/2023
20232706 – TD-Info Town Hall Slides – June 202307/Jul/2023
20230926-Town Hall Agenda – September 202321/Sep/2023
20230921 DAM CoP Agenda September 202320/Sep/2023
20230920-techUK TD-Info Lead Sponsors Forum Update – September 2319/Sep/2023
20230920-Lead Sponsors Forum September 23 draft agenda_v119/Sep/2023
20230920-IPS CoP Agenda – September 2023 v0105/Sep/2023
20230920-ADS TD-Info Lead Sponsors Forum update September 202319/Sep/2023
20230911-ICEF Agenda08/Sep/2023
20230907 – ISF Agenda (7th September)18/Aug/2023
20230724-ICEF Agenda July 2324/Jul/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – Learning from our International Partners07/Aug/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – Key Takeaways07/Aug/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – Chat Extracts07/Aug/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – 4. TELDAT Capabilities Briefing07/Aug/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – 3. MDI DAP Presentation07/Aug/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – 2. Leo Heng Presentation07/Aug/2023
20230720 – Making MDI Happen – 1. Biernacik Presentation07/Aug/2023
20230719 – Team-Defence-MOD-Digital-Twin-White-Paper19/Jul/2023
20230719 – Team Defence – Digital Twin Community of Practice Paper19/Jul/2023
20230719 – Digital-Twin-Implementation-Roadmap-and-Development-Framework-White-Paper19/Jul/2023
20230719 – API-Strategy-Whitepaper-for-RAS_v419/Jul/2023
20230712-MDI Working Group June 2023 Blog12/Jul/2023
20230705-DI23 Programme v1526/Jun/2023
20230704 – MoD – Millbrook Energy Security & Nett Zero – Case for Nuclear H210/Jul/2023
20230704 – Millbrook Workshop – TD6 Benefits and Challenges10/Jul/2023
20230704 – Millbrook Workshop – Future Energy Trial Battlefield Energy10/Jul/2023
20230704 – Millbrook Workshop – Battlefield Electrification10/Jul/2023
20230629-techUK TDI Council Update – June 2326/Jun/2023
20230629-TD-Info-Council-Meeting-Minutes-June 202319/Sep/2023
20230629-TD info Draft Agenda – June 202326/Jun/2023
20230629-ADS Council Update-June 2327/Jun/2023
20230628-SM&A WG Agenda June 202319/Jun/2023
20230627-DRAFT Agenda TDI Exec Townhall June 2023-v213/Jun/2023
20230623-M365 Agenda June 202326/Jun/2023
20230622-CoDERM 49_Presentation22/Jun/2023
20230622-Agenda for Trading Forum – June 202320/Jun/2023
20230622 – TD-Info Trading Forum Presentation22/Jun/2023
20230622 – Crown Hosting Outage – Letter to Suppliers22/Jun/2023
20230622 – CoDERM 49 Minutes22/Jun/2023
20230609 – ICEF Agenda09/Jun/2023
20230608-Information Security Forum Agenda05/Jun/2023
20230607-Kevin Westbrook slides07/Jun/2023
20230607-IPSCoP Meeting Notes V120/Sep/2023
20230607-IPS COP SPT07/Jun/2023
20230607-Corporate introduction07/Jun/2023
20230607 – IPS CoP Agenda 7 June 202307/Jun/2023
20230531-MDI Monthly Blog – May 202331/May/2023
20230525 DAM CoP Agenda May 202323/May/2023
20230525 – DAMCoP Agenda17/May/2023
20230517-NATO Digital Transformation – Industry brief-UK Gp Capt Jeff Brock and Lt Col Mark Long qDel-V2-NU30/May/2023
20230517-MDI Industry Townhall Event- Driving Integration Through Partnership Issued30/May/2023
20230517-IDA 17 May TDI Presentation IDA and BICC-O Lt Col Chris Paul and Dom Leeds30/May/2023
20230517-Digital Skills 4 Defence DS4D MDI Town Hall Paul Hancock30/May/2023
20230517-Defence Digital, Software, and Integration Construct Presentation Outline & Script Phil Jolley v0.430/May/2023
20230505 SED Workshop Report Iss1.011/Jul/2023
20230505 – Team Defence support for MOD DE&S Future Capability Group (FCG)- Activity Update09/May/2023
20230410-Defence Digital Structure (High-level Org Chart)10/Apr/2023
20230330-Agenda for Trading Forum – March 202314/Mar/2023
20230329-TD-Info March 23 Townhall Agenda20/Mar/2023
20230329 – Team Defence Executive Townhall – Full Slide Pack03/Apr/2023
20230324 ADM as a Service Coventry Meeting slides24/Mar/2023
20230322-TD-Info-Council-Meeting-Minutes-March 202322/Mar/2023
20230322-TD Info Council Agenda – March 202320/Mar/2023
20230321 – ADS Report – Council Meeting, March 202321/Mar/2023
20230316 – techUK TDI Council Update – March 202316/Mar/2023
20230315-Support Analysis Specifications slides15/Mar/2023
20230315-Support Analysis Specifications Disucssion Background15/Mar/2023
20230315-IPS presentation of BFM and LP to IPS COP15/Mar/2023
20230315-IPS CoP Agenda – March 202321/Feb/2023
20230315-IPS CoP – Action Grid15/Mar/2023
20230315-Engineering Support Centre of Expertise Brief to IPS COP15/Mar/2023
20230310-SMA CoP Agenda – October 202302/Oct/2023
20230308-TD-Info MDI Town Hall Event- outcomes and actions V208/Mar/2023
20230308-MOD-Industry MDI Related Culture Change Principles (V5)08/Mar/2023
20230308-MDI Town Hall 8th March – Agenda & Presentation08/Mar/2023
20230307 – Team Defence Strategy Board Meeting Agenda01/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 5 Defence Operational Strategy – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 5 J Clare – Climate Change & Sustainability – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 4 OEC NATO ENSEC COE – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-session 4 French Operational Energy Strategy – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 4 DoD Op Energy UK MOD – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 3 Operational Advantage & Resilience through Sustainability – BOEING – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 3 Aviation Sector Climate Change & Sustainability-AVM Lloyd – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 2 LR Global Maritime Influence – Operational energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 2 GF Shore Power Presentation – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 2 20230227 Navy Def Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 1 RR MR (V1.0) Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 1 Duncan Engeham Fuel Agnostic engines, supporting the Net Zero landscape – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Session 1 – Battlefield Power MCP Brief-Brig Mike Fayers – Operational Energy Conference02/Mar/2023
20230302-Operational Energy Conference 2023 Presentations (Zip file)02/Mar/2023
20230301 – Executive Team Meeting Agenda01/Mar/2023
20230227-ICEF Agenda27/Feb/2023
20230223-SM&A WG Minutes Feb 202319/Jun/2023
20230223- SM&A WG Agenda – Feb 202321/Feb/2023
20230222-Multi Domain Integration Industrial Springboard Programme v722/Feb/2023
20230222-MOD-Industry MDI Related Culture Change Principles (V5 issued )22/Feb/2023
20230205-Multi Domain Integration 2023 Industry Partnership Synergy Programme05/Feb/2023
20230127-NATO AdM Report Aug22 IMWG Summary v227/Jan/2023
20230126-Multi Domain Integration Industrial Sprinboard Programme v726/Jan/2023
20230126-MDI Virtual Event Presentation26/Jan/2023
20230126-MDI Agenda26/Jan/2023
20230126-Key Messages from 26th January 2023. IR MDI 2023 Programme DSEI and Culture (issued)26/Jan/2023
20230126-Circulation Draft MOD-Industry Culture Change Principles (V3 issued for comment)26/Jan/2023
20230119-SCS23 Sponsor/Exhibitor Booking Form07/Dec/2022
20230119-SCS23 Comms V401/Dec/2022
20230119-Exhibitor T&Cs01/Dec/2022
20230114-SCS 23 Programme-v2307/Dec/2022
20230110-Agenda for M365 Working Group Meeting03/Jan/2023
20230109-ICEF Agenda09/Jan/2023
20221214 – TDI Town Hall December – Full Slide Pack15/Dec/2022
20221213-techUK TDI Council Update – December 202208/Dec/2022
20221213-TD-Info Council Meeting Minutes-December 202220/Mar/2023
20221213-TD info council pack December 202213/Dec/2022
20221213-ADS TDI Council Update – December 202212/Dec/2022
20221208 – DSF Newsletter November 202208/Dec/2022
20221207- DPKI MOD Boundary Certificate Signing Service Root Certificate renewal12/Dec/2022
20221202 – Town Hall – 14 December 2022 – Draft Agenda02/Dec/2022
20221202 – Digital Asset Management – Leon’s Slides02/Dec/2022
20221202 – Digital Asset Management – KPMG02/Dec/2022
20221201 – DAMCoP-Agenda30/Nov/2022
20221130-34th JOMWG Agenda21/Nov/2022
20221130-34th JOMWG Action List21/Nov/2022
20221129-Building the Capacity to Conduct JADO Consideration for the UK29/Nov/2022
20221128-ICEF Agenda – 28 Nov 2022 – Agenda28/Nov/2022
20221123 – Digital Models Shadows Twins Townhall – Nov 2223/Dec/2022
20221122-SMA WG Minutes Nov 202222/Nov/2022
20221122-SM&A CoP Agenda16/Nov/2022
20221116-Town Hall Event Output – 16th Nov 2216/Nov/2022
20221116-Team Defence Town Hall meeting 16 Nov 2216/Nov/2022
20221116-Increasing Defence Outputs MDI IDT16/Nov/2022
20221116-DAPD presentation at MDI Town hall 16 Nov 2216/Nov/2022
20221116-Conceptual Coherence Release16/Nov/2022
20221110-AdM as a Service Challenge Annual Report10/Nov/2022
20221004-Multi-Domain Integration Change Programme Briefing – Oct 2204/Oct/2022
20221004-Key Messages from UKStatCom Multi-Domain Integration Programme Update – Oct 2214/Oct/2022
20221004-Chat the extracts from UKStatCom Multi-Domain Integration Programme Update – Oct 2204/Oct/2022
202210-17-ICEF Agenda13/Oct/2022
20220929-Through-life Engineering Masterships Brochure29/Sep/2022
20220929-IPS CoP Agenda Sep 2022 v0108/Aug/2022
20220929-IPS CoP – Action Grid29/Sep/2022
20220929-Engineering Support Transformation Brief to IPS COP v0.1-O29/Sep/2022
20220929-Engineering Support Centre of Expertise Brief to IPS COP29/Sep/2022
20220928-Team Defence Town Hall Summary – 28th September 202231/Oct/2022
20220928-Team Defence Town Hall Slide Pack – 28th September 202231/Oct/2022
20220928-Agenda TD-Info Executive Townhall Meeting21/Sep/2022
20220926-Royal Engineers conference brief15/Aug/2022
20220922-Information Security Forum September Agenda12/Sep/2022
20220914-techUK TDI Council Update12/Sep/2022
20220914-Team Defence Information Council Minutes08/Oct/2022
20220914-TD info Council Pack September13/Sep/2022
20220914- ADS update to TDI Council12/Sep/2022
20220912-ICEF Agenda09/Sep/2022
20220912-Health Check of the Defence Digital Industrial Base v2 Draft04/Oct/2022
20220906-Strategy Board Meeting – 7th September 202206/Sep/2022
20220901-TDI MDI WG Phase 3a Mid Term Report V0.628/Sep/2022
20220901-TD-Info Phase 3b Communique – September 202230/Aug/2022
20220809-16th CTDWG Meeting Presentation09/Aug/2022
20220809-16th CTDWG Meeting Minutes09/Aug/2022
20220809-16 CTDWG Attendance09/Aug/2022
20220809-16 CTDWG Action Log Extract09/Aug/2022
20220729-API4RAS TASK FORM25/Jul/2022
20220729-API4RAS Call to Action29/Jul/2022
20220725-Support Advantage Charter Actions Update25/Jul/2022
20220720-Team Defence – Digital Twin Community of Practice Paper20/Jul/2022
20220719-ICEF Agenda18/Jul/2022
20220714-DAM CoP July 2022 Meeting documents14/Jul/2022
20220714-AM Leaflet v0.409/Jun/2022
20220713-Enabling MDI Design Wall Views V0.113/Jul/2022
20220713- Key Messages from the Enabling MDI by Design Workshop13/Jul/2022
20220712-SM&A CoP Agenda July 202204/Jul/2022
20220710-DSF Newsletter July 202210/Jul/2022
20220707-US Congress Foreign Partner ComplianceUS Congress07/Jul/2022
20220707-SbD Slide Deck07/Jul/2022
20220707-Information Security forum Agenda Jul 202211/Jul/2022
20220707-CyDR Slide Deck07/Jul/2022
20220630-TD-Info Council Pack June 202230/Jun/2022
20220630-TD Info Council Meeting Minutes June 202230/Jun/2022
20220630-Draft Council Agenda June 202223/Jun/2022
20220630-Annex A – techUK Council Update June 202222/Jun/2022
20220630-AGM MINUTES June 202230/Jun/2022
20220630-AGM Agenda and Proxy Form June AGM20/Jun/2022
20220630-AGM Agenda and Proxy Form21/Jun/2022
20220630-20220630-Annex B – ADS Council Update June 202221/Jun/2022
20220628-FCG HVM CoE launch V1.207/Jul/2022
20220616-Professional Development Working Group Problem Statement v224/Jun/2022
20220616-IPS CoP-Action Grid24/Jun/2022
20220616-IPS CoP Agenda v0224/Jun/2022
20220616-IPS CoP Agenda June 202213/Jun/2022
20220616-DAMCoP Brief for IPSCoP24/Jun/2022
20220616 – Through Life Sustainable Toolset – Integrated Product Support – Comments removed24/Jun/2022
20220614-ES cofe Brief to IPSCoP-O24/Jun/2022
20220613-TDi Strategy Group – Support Advantage Charter – Priority Actions24/Jun/2022
20220601-Team Defence Activities Chart01/Jun/2022
20220526-DAM CoP task 1 Meeting Minutes13/Jun/2022
20220526-AdM as a Service Working Group-briefing pack-final13/May/2022
20220526-AdM as a Service Working Group – Main Slide Deck01/Jun/2022
20220525-TDI Exec Agenda & Presentation Pack May 2223/May/2022
20220525-Outputs from the MDI Enterprise 4.0 subgroup event25/May/2022
20220525-33rd JOMWG Minutes & Meeting Documents05/Jul/2022
20220524-JISCOT Draft Meeting Pack – May 202216/May/2022
20220524-DE&S Digital Engineering Transformation Strategy-V1.024/May/2022
20220518-Key Messages – MDI Brown Bag Lunch on U.S. Approaches to Realising All Domain Operations – May 202218/May/2022
20220518-Chat Extracts – MDI Brown Bag Lunch on U.S. Approaches to Realising All Domain Operations – May 202218/May/2022
20220517-SMA WG Agenda May 202204/May/2022
20220517-SM&A WG Minutes May 202217/May/2022
20220517-Draft Agenda for the Digital Decision Making to Reduce Supply Chain Risk and Improve Resilience Event26/Apr/2022
20220516-ICEF Agenda16/May/2022
20220511-BMFS Industry Brief Content09/Aug/2022
20220505-ILS-ISO55000 Series Relationship06/May/2022
20220505-Engineering Support Transformation (EST) Introduction05/May/2022
20220505-DAMCOP Presentation – Jeremy Hammond06/May/2022
20220429-Implementation of Asset Management across Defence – Task29/Apr/2022
20220427-July AdM Timeline for DSP27/Apr/2022
20220427-AdM Virtual Network Opportunity V1.027/Apr/2022
20220427-AdM industry day follow up questions27/Apr/2022
20220427-AdM Challenge Industry Day Brief27/Apr/2022
20220425-DefStan 00-60 ASD Mapping Document22/Apr/2022
20220425-00-600 Working Group Minutes22/Apr/2022
20220425-00-600 ASD Data Deliverables-Draft_1022/Apr/2022
20220412-Key Messages from MDI Integration Diagnostic Deep Dive – 12th April 2022 final12/Apr/2022
20220412-Chat extracts from the MDI Integration Diagnostic Deep Dive – 12th April 2022-112/Apr/2022
20220412-15th Combined Technical Documentation Working Group Minutes & Accompanying Documents12/Apr/2022
20220412- MDI WG IMD Final-112/Apr/2022
20220411-PEAS No 38 Meeting Action List Report11/Apr/2022
20220411-Minutes PEAS Forum No 38 March 202211/Apr/2022
20220407-RN StormCloud Partners Brochure07/Apr/2022
20220330-TDI MDI WG Getting Under the Skin of UK MDI Vignette-130/Mar/2022
20220330-Q3-UK MDI Vignette-What is the next step by grouping-930/Mar/2022
20220330-Q2-UK MDI Vignette-Characteristics that are missing from UK Vignette-130/Mar/2022
20220330-Q1 UK MDI Vignette-Fundamental to UK MDI-130/Mar/2022
20220330-Key Message UK MDI Vignette- Final30/Mar/2022
20220330-Chat extracts from the MDI Spotlight-Getting Under the Skin of the UK StratCom MDI Vignette20/Mar/2022
20220329-Trading Forum Slide pack – March 202229/Mar/2022
20220329-Minutes of Trading Forum meeting – March 202229/Mar/2022
20220329-Agenda for Trading Forum – March 202229/Mar/2022
20220327-Gladiator Workshop Agenda01/Apr/2022
20220326-ASD-STE100 Course Brochure26/Mar/2022
20220324-techUK TD-Info Council Update – March 202224/Mar/2022
20220324-Team Defence Information Council Minutes – March 202224/Mar/2022
20220324-TD-Info Council Agenda March 202224/Mar/2022
20220324-TD Info Council Meeting Minutes March 202224/Mar/2022
20220324-SCSEWG Briefing Pack24/Mar/2022
20220324-Annex B ADS Update March 202224/Mar/2022
20220323-TD-I ISF Brief v1.0 (1)03/Mar/2022
20220323-Agenda for Information Security Forum March 202223/Mar/2022
20220323-33rd JOMWG Action List23/Mar/2022
20220322-Cirrus Industry Event22/Mar/2022
20220321-Support Innovation Challenge21/Mar/2022
20220318-Waste Recycling Advetec21/Jun/2022
20220318-Unipart Sustainable Supply Chains21/Jun/2022
20220318-Through Life Sustainable Toolset 18 Mar 22 Presentation21/Jun/2022
20220318-Sus Def Sp Agenda21/Jun/2022
20220318-SSS DSFDB Sustainability Sub-Working Group21/Jun/2022
20220318-Circular Economy for Defence – Uplift36021/Jun/2022
20220316-JISCOT Supporting Slides16/Mar/2022
20220316-Critical Position Evaluation for Series Specs v36716/Mar/2022
20220302-TD-Info Strategy Group Slidepack02/Mar/2022
20220301-Knowledge Management Support Activity – Output Report01/Mar/2022
20220228-Test Doc for Sub-docs – Main Doc28/Feb/2022
20220228-Managing Software Obsolescence Paper28/Feb/2022
20220228-DSF Newsletter05/Mar/2022
20220222-SM&A WG Minutes Feb 202222/Feb/2022
20220214-DEFSTAN 00-600 Meeting slides14/Feb/2022
20220210-Data Driven Organisations – Whitepaper10/Feb/2022
20220210-Data Driven Organisations – Whitepaper06/Mar/2022
20220127-Meeting Minutes – Defence Asset Management Community of Practice27/Jan/2022
20220126-Team Defence Executive Team Meeting Slidepack06/Mar/2022
20220126-Defence Digital Structure (High-level Org Chart)06/Mar/2022
20220124-ICEF Agenda14/Feb/2022
20220124-DE&S Knowledge Mgt Vision & Strategy Engagement – Final Report06/Mar/2022
20220118-JISCOT Supporting Slides06/Sep/2021
20220118-Defence Digital Structure (High-level Org Chart)18/Jan/2022
20220112-DE&S Environmental Strategy12/Jan/2022
20220102-UK MOD DMEWG Draft ToRs02/Jan/2022
20220101-Defence Digital Structure (High-level Org Chart) – January 202221/Jan/2022
20220101-Defence Digital Structure (High-level Org Chart)05/Mar/2022
20220101-Defence Digital Organisation Chart14/Feb/2022
20211216-Task Team Slides16/Dec/2021
20211216-SCSEWG Briefing Pack16/Dec/2021
20211216-DMEWG ToR’s16/Dec/2021
20211216-DMEWG Statement of Work16/Dec/2021
20211216-DMEWG Minutes 000816/Dec/2021
20211215-Team Defence Executive Team Meeting Slidepack06/Mar/2022
20211214-TD-Info Council Pack05/Mar/2022
20211214-Meeting Minutes for Def Stan 00-60014/Dec/2021
20211214-Annex B-ADS Update05/Mar/2022
20211214-Annex A-techUK Update05/Mar/2022
20211214 – TD Info Council Meeting Minutes Dec 202108/Mar/2022
20211210 – FOB Hydroponic VF Sprint Report07/Mar/2022
2021121-SML White Paper V0_2-021/Nov/2021
20211208-Trading Forum Minutes04/Mar/2022
20211208-TD-Info Strategy Group Slidepack08/Dec/2021
20211207-Key Messages from the MDI Spotlight event- Heat Map of MDI Future Focus and Attention07/Dec/2021
20211207 – Results from the MDI Spotlight Sharp-Cloud exercises- Heat Map of MDI – Future Focus and Attention07/Dec/2021
20211204-Selling to Government – Guide for SMEs26/Jan/2022
20211130-Trading Forum Slide Pack04/Mar/2022
20211130-Key Messages from the MDI Deep Dive- Industry 4.0 and Enterprise Operating Model Transformation30/Nov/2021
20211130-Chat extracts from the MDI Deep Dive- Industry 4.0 and Enterprise Operating Model Transformation30/Nov/2021
20211126-CYDRCRPSBD Intro14/Feb/2022
20211124-Team Defence Executive Team Meeting Slidepack24/Nov/2021
20211123-MDI Deep Dive – Value Management Proposition and Framework23/Nov/2021
20211123-Key Messages from the Deep Dive Event- MDI Value Management Proposition and Framework23/Nov/2021
20211118-DefFuelConf Presentation Pack Two18/Nov/2021
20211118-DefFuelConf Presentation Pack One18/Nov/2021
20211117-DSEE Airbus Aviation17/Nov/2021
20211117-DFSEE Vital17/Nov/2021
20211117-DFSEE UK PIA Fuelling Defence without fuelling climate change17/Nov/2021
20211117-DFSEE Overseas Bases17/Nov/2021
20211117-DFSEE Operational Energy Trends17/Nov/2021
20211117-DFSEE OPA17/Nov/2021
20211117-DFSEE DSFA Update08/Mar/2022
20211117-DFSEE Dir CC&S08/Mar/2022
20211117-DFSEE Decarbonisation for Port of Tyne08/Mar/2022
20211117-DFSEE Building Resilience08/Mar/2022
20211117-DFSEE Army Battlefield Electrification08/Mar/2022
20211117-DFSEE Agenda Pack17/Nov/2021
20211117 – DSFEE Westfield17/Nov/2021
20211117 – DFSEE MOD Policy Direction17/Nov/2021
20211117 – DFSEE Micro Nuclear for Sustainable Defence Operations08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE Maritime Naval Perspective08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE Legislation and policy08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE Ground power beyond diesel08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE FTP08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE Exoleum08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE Dstl Power and Energy Technologies for a Sustainable and Low Carbon Military08/Mar/2022
20211117 – DFSEE ADF FTP 2217/Nov/2021
20211113 – AdM Challenge – Governance Opportunities Briefing Pack28/Feb/2022
20211113 – AdM Challenge – Exec ToR draft28/Feb/2022
20211113 – AdM Challenge – Digital Thread ToR Draft28/Feb/2022
20211113 – AdM Challenge – Certification ToR Draft28/Feb/2022
20211110-Industry Day Presentations14/Feb/2022
20211110-Chat extracts from the MDI Deep Dive- Conceiving the MDI Future and Industry 4.010/Nov/2021
20211103-Chat extracts from the ‘Spotlight session- What are the Collaboration, Commercial and Lifecycle Challenges for MDI03/Nov/2021
20211027-Digital Foundry Pack for Executive Team Meeting27/Oct/2021
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 Strat Base Adm Challenge07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 RAF Update07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 Project Despatch07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 DASA LAS07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 Army update07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 Arke LTI investigation07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 AME challenge07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 AGENDA07/Mar/2022
20211026 – Supply Chain SWG 26 Oct 21 AdM Maturity Task07/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP DT mapping08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP Draft B EST08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP BEIS NDT presentation 2021-10-2008/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP AIAA DEIC DTw Implementation Paper08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP Agenda08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP Advanced Capability Development08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP – Support Chain – FINAL08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP – Summary – Next Steps08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP – Multi Domain Operation08/Mar/2022
20211021-DEFSP DTCOP – Cross cutting Key Lessons v108/Mar/2022
20211021 – DEFSP DTCOP Engineering and Safety Digital Twin Sprint 108/Mar/2022
20211021 – DEFSP DTCOP Digital Twins in Mining08/Mar/2022
20211020-32nd JOMWG Presentation20/Oct/2021
20211020-32nd JOMWG Minutes20/Oct/2021
20211020-32nd JOMWG Action List20/Oct/2021
20211013 – AdM Inventory Management ToR Draft28/Feb/2022
20210930-Team Defence Executive Team Meeting Slidepack30/Sep/2021
20210929-TD-Info Output Report Template29/Sep/2021
20210929-SCSEWG Briefing Pack29/Sep/2021
20210928-SM&AWG Minutes28/Sep/2021
20210927-MODDSP_Request for information10/Feb/2022
20210924-OS Cloud Working Group OCF24/Sep/2021
20210921-Trading Forum Slide Pack04/Mar/2022
20210921-Minutes of the TD-Info Council Meeting20/Jan/2022
20210921-Defence Supportability Design Brief21/Sep/2021
20210913 – Investigating AME28/Feb/2022
20210910-Responsibilites for Managing Software Obsolesence Paper10/Sep/2021
20210909-TD-Info Strategy Group Slidepack09/Sep/2021
20210909-TD-Info Strategy Group September 21 Agenda09/Sep/2021
20210909-DSEI 21 Member Guide09/Sep/2021
20210909-DESI Members Guide09/Sep/2021
20210908-Council Meeting Minutes05/Mar/2022
20210908-Annex B – ADS Update05/Mar/2022
20210908-Annex A – techUK Update05/Mar/2022
20210906-JISCOT Supporting Slides06/Sep/2021
20210906-DAM CoP Agenda06/Sep/2021
20210825-Team Defence Executive Team Meeting Slidepack25/Aug/2021
20210818-OS Cloud Working Group OCF08/Aug/2021
20210817-TD-Info Governance Pack17/Aug/2021
20210817-Fuels Transformation Programme (FTP) Request For Information (RFI)11/Feb/2022
20210817-Fuels Transformation Programme (FTP) Request for Information08/Aug/2021
20210817 – Fuels Transformation Programme (FTP) Request for Information01/Mar/2022
20210801-ISF Accredition14/Feb/2022
20210728-Team Defence Executive Team Meeting Slidepack28/Jul/2021
20210728-FCG OIL Industry Engagement Strategy28/Jul/2021
20210722-WDO Industry Engagement Brief11/Feb/2022
20210721-Logistics Transformation Industry Pack11/Feb/2022
20210720-EDP Task 0392 LEOC Managed14/Mar/2022
20210720-14th CTDWG Presentation14/Mar/2022
20210720-14th CTDWG Minutes of Meeting14/Mar/2022
20210720-14th CTDWG Attendee List14/Mar/2022
20210720-14th CTDWG Action Log14/Mar/2022
20210717-Organisation Chart, Governance Boards Terms of Reference and Actvities17/Jul/2021
20210715 – DefSp SC SWG Summary of outputs 15 July 2107/Mar/2022
20210715 – Defence Logistics Enterprise – LOGNET Technology Concept Sub-Working Groups07/Mar/2022
20210715 – Copy of PAS 600107/Mar/2022
20210715 – 8 DefSp SC SWG UWE RiNH 15 Jul 2107/Mar/2022
20210715 – 7 DefSp SC SWG SPOps Vertical Farming 15 Jul 2107/Mar/2022
20210715 – 6 DefSp SC SWG 15 July 21 Added Sci PAS6001 – a UK military context07/Mar/2022
20210715 – 4 DefSp SC SpT Tasker 15 Jul 2107/Mar/2022
20210715 – 3 DefSp SC SWG Nano AdM Electronics 15 Jul 2107/Mar/2022
20210709-Summary of Defence’s Digital Strategy09/Jul/2021
20210707-Team Defence Strategy Group June21 – Record of Actions07/Jul/2021
20210705-Security WG ToR’s v2117/Feb/2022
20210705 – Team Defence Digital Twin Supporting Info01/Mar/2022
20210705 – CDLS Tasker – AdM as a Service Strat Base Maturity28/Feb/2022
20210701-TD-Info Governance Pack05/Mar/2022
20210701-Sustainable Defence Support – Briefing Pack01/Jul/2021
20210630-Team Defence Strategy Group Terms of Reference30/Jun/2021
20210629-3 Sustainable Defence Support Net Zero Presentation29/Jun/2021
20210625-SM&AWG Equipment Support Modelling Guide Book One25/Jun/2021
20210622-Trading Forum Minutes04/Mar/2022
20210622-TD-Info Council Pack05/Mar/2022
20210622-TD-Info Council Meeting Minutes05/Mar/2022
20210622-Annex D – techUK TD-Info Council Update05/Mar/2022
20210622-Annex C – ADS Council Update05/Mar/2022
20210622-AGM Minutes30/Jun/2021
20210615-SM&AWG Minutes15/Jun/2021
20210615-NZ50 – Carbon Reduction Plans15/Jun/2021
20210610-Team Defence Strategy Group Slidepack10/Jun/2021
20210610-Strategy Group Agenda10/Jun/2021
20210610-Data Driven Organisations Task Form06/Oct/2021
20210603-Defence Asset Management CoP ToR v1.003/Jun/2021
20210601-Trading Forum Slide Pack04/Mar/2022
20210526-MDI Project Initiation Document26/May/2021
20210525-PEAS U7 Defence Cardboard Packaging25/May/2021