Designing out demand for power and energy in deployable bases

Today’s deployed infrastructure was designed with yesterday’s principles and ways of working. Systems are energy inefficient, difficult to repair, reuse or recycle, and have a high carbon footprint associated with their material use and logistic chain. There is a lack of design features adapted to the environment the infrastructure is deployed in. As a result, there is an increasing need for modular or adaptable deployed infrastructure. Some key recommendations included:

  • Considering the operational and embodied emissions of materials used in infrastructure.
  • Designing for circular economy and reducing reliance on raw materials and landfill.
  • Designing for insulation and cooling, maximising use of vernacular light, wind movements and natural shading.
  • Designing for mental health, including introducing plants and improving shading between buildings to reduce temperature gradients.
  • Designing buildings to be multi-purpose and reusable.

1 – Redesigning operational infrastructure

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