On 23 Nov 22 the Team Defence information Digital Twin Community of Practice held a tonal event with the Digital catapult in London.

At the event a range of presenters shared the latest development and plans relating to the development of Digital Models, Shadows and Twins.

The presentation led to collaboration discussion and potential collaborations to exploit dual purpose capabilities.

The outputs also helped shape thinking across the range of Defence Digital Twin use cases

The presentations for the day are now available for download:

0. Agenda of the day

1. Introduction _ Nick Wright_Digital Catapult

2. for Federation _ National Digital Twin Programme_Alex Luck

3. Context for Federation _ Enterprise Architecture&Support Chain Digital Thread_Richard Puttic

4. Context for Federation _ Digital Twins for Defence_Rob Smith

5. Design and Manufacture _ Digital Thread and Through Life MBE_Gordon Mc Leod

6. Design and Manufacture _ Design to Manufacture and Market readiness levels_Richard Hamber

7. Design and Manufacture _ Apollo Protocol_AMRC_Jonathan Eyre

8. Digital Test and Evaluation _ Digital Test and Evaluation_Brian Gillett

9. Digital Test and Evaluation _ Digital Engineering and Strategic Asset Management_Phil Tulitt

10. Digital Test and Evaluation _ People, Places, Things_Mark Enzer

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