Integrated Product Support (IPS) CoP

Babcock Technology Centre Bristol Business Park, Stoke Gifford, Bristol

To support the UK MoD and UK industry in improving Supportability Engineering (ILS) standards, processes (technical and management) and training in order to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of Supportability Engineering (ILS) programmes and hence ultimately to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Total System (comprising the System of Interest, the Support System […]

Information Security Forum

TD-Info 6A Pinkers Court, Briarlands Office Park, Bristol, United Kingdom

The purpose of the Information Security Forum (ISF) is to provide better ways of working securely across Team Defence by identifying key issues and agreeing on common approaches to resolution by sharing good practice, collaborating on accreditation standards, providing a practical (and compliant) interpretation of Government policy, and sharing event and near-miss data. The ISF […]

ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English® (STE) Training Courses

This course is a practical introduction for those who will use STE like technical authors or engineers in any sector including aerospace and defence. The course: Explains what STE is and the benefits of using STE Shows the delegates how to use the STE specification Gives delegates opportunities to use STE in practical exercises. We […]

Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF)

MOD Corsham Westwells Road, Hawthorn

Industry Customer Engagement Forum – regular Industry Engagement meeting, hosted by MOD, to address issues affecting Industry-based consumers of MOD-provided services.   For further information, please contact Tony Butler

JISCOT Meeting

TD-Info 6A Pinkers Court, Briarlands Office Park, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Mission of the Joint Information Standards Co-ordination Team (JISCOT) is to co-ordinate, for the UK, the MOD and Industry representation in the identification, development, deployment and maintenance of a coherent set of standards to meet the needs of UK Defence from this global activity within the scope of Team Defence Information (TD-Info) activity. This […]

Team Defence Strategy Group

IFS Watermans Business Park, Bourne House, The Causeway, Staines-upon-Thames, London, United Kingdom

The Strategy Group has been established to interpret the 3* Advisory Board’s bi-annual areas of strategic focus along with outputs from the Team Defence Information Council to sponsor and approve Team Defence Information activities which align to these top-level objectives. For further information, please contact Philippa Arter This is a hybrid meeting to be held […]

TD-Info Executive Team Town Hall Meeting

Active Conference Centre Thornbury Active Lifestyle Centre,Alveston Hill, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

The Team Defence Executive Team operate monthly sessions which will look to support and mature opportunities and guide the broad portfolio of Team Defence Activities so they align with the strategic direction and focus set by the Team Defence Strategy Group. This is a virtual meeting to be held on Microsoft Teams, a supporting slidepack […]

Towards Self Sufficiency – A Sustainable Defence Support Working Group

KBR Leatherhead KBR, Springfield Dr, Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom

Online & at KBR Leatherhead 27 June 23 Context: Once deployed force elements will be self-sufficient, Forces will be able to operate for prolonged periods without the need for resupply.  Realisation of this concept is dependent on a ‘closed loop’ system of systems solution. Outline of Activities: Defence Support will share their concept and experimentation […]

AdM as a Service Challenge Working Group – 28 June 2023

Babcock Technology Centre Bristol Business Park, Stoke Gifford, Bristol

The Additive Manufacturing as a Service Challenge Face-to-Face Working Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 June 2023 at the Babcock International Group Headquarters, Bristol. Please do not delay registering as the number of spaces is limited to 100 attendees and the spaces will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The registration will […]

The Supportability Modelling and Analysis CoP

TD-Info 6A Pinkers Court, Briarlands Office Park, Bristol, United Kingdom

A working group that seeks to identify and promulgate good practice in life cycle cost modelling across the UK Defence sector and contribute to the realisation of the DSCM vision. This next meeting will be held in-person at the Team Defence Information office in Rudgeway as well as online using Microsoft Teams.  The Agenda for […]

TD-Info Council Meeting

Oracle One South Place, London

The Council reviews TD-Info’s performance against agreed strategic goals and helps define its future agenda. Council members are senior figures invited to join from TD-Info’s membership. The Council reviews TD-Info’s performance against agreed strategic goals and helps define its future agenda. This meeting is by invitation only. Hybrid Meeting - Teams details to be sent […]

Battlefield Energy and Electrification Options Workshop – an FCG Open Innovation Laboratories Event

UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground Station Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground, 4 July 23  Background: The modern soldier is increasingly more digitised and equipped with drones, sensors, electronic countermeasures, robotics and comms, with no indication that this trend will decrease. As the Expeditionary Robotics Centre of Expertise (ERCoE) continues to develop solutions they are starting to consider how these systems will be powered. Facing […]