Areas Of Focus

Digital Backbone

The physical capacity (Cloud infrastructure, agile development strategy, cross service and Industry Access) to support a data driven, digitally enabled Defence environment and the Suitably Qualified or Experienced People within MOD and Industry to manage, maintain and improve it.

Synthetic Environment for Support

The use of augmented reality, virtual reality and high fidelity models to create virtual training environments for Defence staff.

Digital Twin

A connected data representation of an entity, such as a physical asset, a process or system throughout its lifecycle.

Business Modernisation for Support

Business Modernisation for Support (BMfS) brings together several key business change initiatives, e.g. Future IS, DefSCOR, PM&BI and F&RP. As such, it is responsible for introducing new ICT and implementing business change across the DSN. It aims to transform the legacy of fragmented applications, organisational structures and processes into an integrated environment by adopting an Enterprise Architecture approach, and to deliver Defence-wide Support metrics, optimised business processes and digital information services to drive effectiveness.

Supply Chain Resilience

The barriers and threats to the UK Defence supply chain including cyber attack, business continuity and support in an uncertain environment and ensuring a broad and fair access to the Defence market for new/ SME suppliers.

We are a not-for profit organisation that works collaboratively with our MOD, Industry and academic members to help modernise and transform Defence Support in the UK.

We target our activities and efforts around a number of “Areas of Focus” that are strategically important for UK Defence.

These strategic “Areas of Focus” are determined by the Defence Suppliers Forum (DSF) and our 3* Advisory Board which includes representatives from MOD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), MOD Defence Digital, MOD Defence Support, and our Industry Lead Sponsors on the Team Defence Information Council. 

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