Self Sustainment of Operations DefSp Sub Working Group

Self-sustainment of operations is one of the six strategic initiatives within Defence Support’s (DefSp) Sustainable Support Strategy (SSS). To enable self-sustained operations there is a need to shift to a more closed loop, self-reliant operational concept, which minimises inputs, reuses or recycles waste, and optimises the use of environmental resources in the deployed region. The concept of a self-sustained operation raised the following questions:

  • Can we make operations circular and self-reliant?
  • Can we turn waste into a resource?
  • How do we solve energy storage problems?
  • How can we utilise smart grids and optimise data collection?
  • How do we bridge the gap between present and future? What design principles need to be considered now, to implement emerging technologies in the future?
  • Where is the tipping point between self-reliance being a combat multiplier and a support burden?

3 – Self Sustainment of Operating Bases

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