Sustainable Defence Support – A DSFDB Sub-working Group

Under Governance of the Defence Support Force Development Board (DSFDB) the purpose of the Sustainable Defence Support (Sus DefSp) Sub-Working Group (SWG) is to guide an accelerated development and exploitation path for sustainable, circular economy and carbon reduction activities across Defence Support.

The collaborative nature of the SWG is designed to promote pooling of talent and diversity of thought to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes in the development of a sustainable Defence Support Network (DSN) and Defence’s realisation of NZ50 targets.

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Sustainable Defence Support Documents

Through Life Sustainability Toolset Task Form11/Mar/2022
20220112-DE&S Environmental Strategy12/Jan/2022
20210701-Sustainable Defence Support – Briefing Pack01/Jul/2021
20210629-3 Sustainable Defence Support Net Zero Presentation29/Jun/2021
20210615-NZ50 – Carbon Reduction Plans15/Jun/2021
20210427-Sustainable Defence Support – Briefing Pack27/Apr/2021
20210326-MOD Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach26/Mar/2021
20201217-Sustainability Defence Support – Submission of Supporting Business Cases17/Dec/2020
20201214-Sustainability Defence Support Call for Sustainable Defence Support Development Ideas14/Dec/2020
20201208-Sustainable Defence Support Briefing Pack08/Dec/2020
20200824-Sustainable Defence Support – Supporting papers24/Aug/2020
20200805-Roadmap Sustainable Defence Support05/Aug/2020
20200417-Sustainable Defence Support Sub-Working Group (SDSp SWG) ToRs17/Apr/2020
20200417-Sustainable Defence Support Implications Paper – Task Mandate17/Apr/2020
20200417-Delivering Sustainable Military Support in the Future Energy Environment V0.217/Apr/2020