Working together to achieve strategic change


Our Members work in close collaboration with our MOD stakeholders to help define requirements and develop Support solutions that truly meet the objectives of the front line.  

TD-Info provides a trusted environment for MOD and the UK Industry to collaboratively work together and share the output from projects;  TD-Info Member companies and MOD gain mutual benefit from these research and innovation activities which invariably lead to a multiplier effects and knowledge sharing that helps drive pace in solution development and delivery within a trusted environment.

TD-Info address this significant challenge as part of a trusted defence community, enabling Members to be well-informed and ready to support MOD in developing resilient and cost-effective solutions that support the DSF strategic objectives.   This is achieved by actively leading a programme of Research and Innovation pilot projects through various specialist Working Groups (WGs):

Innovation and Research Topics Include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data
  • Sustainable Defence Support
  • Additive Manufacturing (AM) & Distribution
  • Remote Autonomous Systems (RAS)
  • Future Capability
  • Digital Twin
  • Synthetic Environment and Training

Standards Group Include:

Members and MOD also work together to review and improve relevant policies and procedures. This is re-enforced by TD-Info’s active involvement and chairing of international standards such as Defence Standard 00-600, defining the Integrated Support Requirements for MOD projects, and being an influential voice at the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

Communities of Practice

A list of retired Communities of Practise and their artifacts

Working Groups 

A list of retired working groups and their artifacts


This archive includes past programmes and presentation where the presenter has given permission to share.


A list of retired standards groups and their artifacts


A list of completed projects and their artifacts


Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

TD-Info Town Hall Meeting

The Team Defence Executive Team operate monthly sessions which will look to support and mature opportunities and guide the broad portfolio of Team Defence Activities so they align with the strategic direction and focus set by the Team Defence Strategy Group. This...


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