Joint Information Standards Co-Ordination Team (JISCOT)

The Mission of the Joint Information Standards Co-ordination Team (JISCOT) is to co-ordinate, for the UK, the MOD and Industry representation in the identification, development, deployment and maintenance of a coherent set of standards to meet the needs of UK Defence from this global activity within the scope of Team Defence Information (TD-Info) activity.

This is achieved through bi-monthly telecons and communications plus a TD-Info hosted webpage (of a community of c40, there are c15 UK representatives ), escalation of issues to the JIG and DSCM SG and to represent the UK (through ADS) to ASD/AIA/ATA.

Upcoming Events

JISCOT Meeting - 27 June 2024...


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JISCOT Meeting - 10 Oct 2024...


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JISCOT Meeting - 12 December 2024...


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Recent Events

JISCOT Meeting - 18 March 2024...


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JISCOT Meeting - 11 January 2024...


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MOD IPS Transition Working Group...


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JISCOT Documents

20240111-S-Series BDRPs125/Jan/2024
20240111- BRDPS08/Jan/2024
20240111 – JISCOT Minutes25/Jan/2024


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