34th Joint Obsolescence Management Working Group (JOMWG)

A forum to discuss existing and developing Policy, Advice and Guidance on Obsolescence Management matters; for promulgation across the whole of the UK Defence Sector. The JOMWG supports the JTLS SG objective of producing and exposing this joint Policy, Advice and Guidance to facilitate the letting and management of contracts in an efficient manner. Virtual […]

Integrated Product Support (IPS) CoP (Formerly SCSEWG)

To support the UK MoD and UK industry in improving Supportability Engineering (ILS) standards, processes (technical and management) and training in order to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of Supportability Engineering (ILS) programmes and hence ultimately to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Total System (comprising the System of Interest, the Support System […]

Defence Asset Management CoP

Under the auspices of TD-Info, the AMCoP is a standing joint MOD, Defence Industry and the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) community of practice. The IAM is the Asset Management (AM) professional body and will be represented by the IAM SW Branch. The AMCoP will offer outputs and information that can be exploited by Asset […]

Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF)

TD-Info 6A Pinkers Court, Briarlands Office Park, Bristol

Industry Customer Engagement Forum - regular Industry Engagement meeting, hosted by MOD, to address issues affecting Industry-based consumers of MOD-provided services.  Use the links below to add this virtual meeting to your calendar. For further information, please contact Tony Butler