Support WGs

The Team Defence Information Task Force sponsors and facilitates a number of Steering Groups, each focused on a specific aspect of collaborative information sharing. Their purpose is to identify and progress issues – and to develop advice and guidance for the benefit of Team Defence. Representation includes UK Ministry of Defence (and other Government Departments where appropriate) as well as industry. Participation is open to representatives from TD-Info member organisations and others by invitation.

CODERM – Committee for Defence Equipment Reliability & Maintainability

In order to ensure that military capability is maximised through optimal levels of equipment Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) it is essential that MOD and industry co-operate to their mutual advantage. The CoDERM has been established to provide a Community of Practice to facilitate that co-operation.

Combined Technical Documentation Working Group

The Combined Technical Documentation Working Group (CTDWG) provides a Community of Practice (CoP) to support the MOD’s strategy for technical documentation support solutions and the development of supporting pan-MOD Technical Documentation Policy and Advice and Guidance. The group will provide a business focus on the strategic requirements to enable the delivery of coherent technical documentation solutions, supported by sub groups to focus on specific technical advice and research, specifications and standards.

Defence Asset Management Community of Practice

A community of Asset Management professionals and experts from across Defence and the Institute for Asset Management.

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Engineering Support User Group (ESUG)

The Engineering Support User Group (ESUG) draws its authority from ACDS(Log Ops) in its Joint User (on behalf of Cmd JFC) and Defence Authority for Logistics (DAfL) roles. It is the main input into the Defence Authority for Technical & Quality Assurance (DA4T&QA), which covers all areas of Engineering Support.

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ESTUF – Engineering Support Transformation User Forum

E-STUF provides a forum for sharing best practice in Engineering Support across As-Designed & As-Built to As-Used and As-Maintained. It will support the development, implementation and realisation of the Defence Support Network Engineering Support (DSN ES) Vision.

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Forecasting & Resource Planning (F&RP) Working Group

At the LOGNET Event (12 & 13 March), Lt Gen Richard Wardlaw and AVM Richard Hill announced MOD’s intention to collaborate more closely with industry on forecasting and planning activities. Hence TD-Info is pleased to facilitate this new Forecasting & Resource Planning (F&RP) Working Group which will help co-ordinate practical aspects of this MOD/Industry collaboration.

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Forecasting and Resource Planning (F&RP) SOM RACI Working Group

To support the successful delivery of the F&RP programme and ensure the benefits are sustained.

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Forecasting and Resource Planning (F&RP) Tools Group

There are a number of commercial off the shelf tools available that may contribute towards the forecasting and resource planning function. This group will collate the standardised data and information exchange formats required to be utilised and then survey the market to identify compliant “state of the art” products. In doing so it may also identify gaps in the market requirements where there are no suitable and compliant tools available.

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MOD-Industry Human Factors Integration (HFI) Liaison Group

An informal forum for the advancement of HFI ‘best practice’ within defence acquisition, focused on HFI technical issues. See also Human Factors Integration.

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Joint Obsolescence Management Working Group

Forum for Team Defence to discuss and promulgate existing and developing Policy, Advice and Guidance on Obsolescence Management matters.

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Packaging for Equipment Acquisition and Support

This Community of Practise provides a forum for the MOD and Industry where topics of discussion include: guidance and resolution of matters relating to Military Level Packaging; training, links with Professional Bodies e.g. The Packaging Society (IoM³); innovations related to packaging. Membership comes from the MOD, Military Packagers Approval Scheme (MPAS) Registered Organisations and the MOD’s chosen Supply Chain Partners. The Forum provides a business focus on the requirements of Military Packaging and the role it fulfils within the Supply Chain to support Defence.

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Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI)

The Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI)- established in summer 2017 – is facilitated by TD-Info on behalf of MOD ACDS Log Ops to address future thinking and action in Logistics. It supports the alignment of innovation activities by MOD ACDS (Log Ops) and MOD ISS, developing concepts for exploitation through to capability. SII-COI has organised sessions for MOD/Industry joint participation on Blockchain (June 17), Automation & Robotics (Sep 17) and Internet of Things (Jan 18). Other sessions in plan include: Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Apr 18). Outputs from sessions are available; learn how you can participate. 

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Supply Chain and Support Engineering Working Group (SCSEWG)

To support the UK MoD and UK industry in improving Supportability Engineering (ILS) standards, processes (technical and management) and training in order to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of Supportability Engineering (ILS) programmes and hence ultimately to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Total System (comprising the System of Interest, the Support System and the Concept of Employment). That is, we strive to improve the Whole Life Cost Effectiveness of the “System of Interest”.

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Supply User Group

An ACDS(Log Ops) group with the purpose of developing and maintaining Supply Contraints, Standards and Rules applied to all DLoDs to enable effective operation of the end to end Joint Support Chain.

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The Supportability Modelling and Analysis Working Group

A working group that seeks to identify and promulgate good practice in life cycle cost modelling across the UK Defence sector and contribute to the realisation of the DSCM vision. 

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Supportability Case Body of Knowledge Working Group

Develop an example of a Supportability Case that meets the requirements of DEF STAN 00-600 – Discovery Phase.

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Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

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