Engineering Support Transformation User Forum

The Engineering Support Transformation User Forum (E-STUF) is a community formed in August 2018. It meets quarterly to share best practice in Engineering Support across As-Designed & As-Built to As-Used & As-Maintained. Its task-focused engagements will provide a means for Industry to engage with the Defence Support Network Engineering Support Transformation (DSN ES Tx) and the MOD equivalent Group Engineering Support User Group (ESUG). The outcomes of the E-STUF forum will support the development, implementation and realisation of the DSN ES Vision.

NB: the ‘E’ in E-STUF is both for ‘Engineering’ and the digital enablement aspects of this work and the information stream that is fundamental to all 4 tenets of the vision paper.

The Engineering Support (Transformation) – ES (Tx) – Discovery Phase ran from August 2018 to February 2019 to develop: The ‘As-Is’ Engineering Support capability Roadmap to realise the vision, Gap analysis and Implementation Programme Plan for DSN(T) endorsement. Download a copy of the report below.

Meeting Dates – Click on the link for Diary etc to see future meetings and contact details of Co-Leads (NB: only visible to TD-Info members once Signed-In on website)

How to Join the E-STUF community: Please email with your contact details &/or any questions and they will be forwarded to relevant TD-Info staff.

About the Defence Support Network (DSN)

“The Defence Support Network (DSN) is the support framework from which the UK Armed Forces are deployed, sustained, and recovered. The DSN(T) is an ambitious programme that will transform the DSN through the delivery of end-to-end support chain coherence, greater efficiency and effectiveness, and closer integration of support chains into a single support network, both nationally and globally. The DSN(T) will accelerate the delivery of improved information services, stronger governance, and innovation.”


Engineering Support Transformation User Forum Documents



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