MOD-Industry Human Factory Integration (HFI) Liaison Group

The MOD-Industry HFI Liaison Group was formed in 2018, following a decision to dissolve the long-established MOD-Industry HFI Working Group. The Working Group has effectively been reformed as the Liaison Group and a new MOD-Industry HFI Steering Group has been established to provide direction in terms of HFI Policy, Processes, Guidance, Education and other important issues.

The MOD-Industry HFI Liaison Group is open to anyone working for, or in support of, the UK Defence Enterprise (i.e. MOD agencies, Armed Forces, UK Defence Industry and UK Academia). Membership (and attendance at meetings) requires approval from the Chairs of both the Liaison and Steering groups. Industry provides the Chair of the Liaison Group (Steve Harmer) and Secretary (Gareth Shaw).

The MOD-Industry HFI Steering Group comprises 6 MOD and 6 Industry representatives and aims to provide direction in terms of HFI Policy, Processes, Guidance, Education and other important issues. The MOD provides the Chair (Laird Evans) and Secretary (Kelly Davies).

The contact details of the Chairs and Secretaries of both groups can be accessed – after you have signed-in as a website member – via a link that then appears titled Click here for Diary Dates, Contacts and More Information.

Aims of the MOD-Industry HFI Liaison Group

  • To assist in the improvement of the process of Human Factors Integration (HFI) as conducted by MOD and its contractors.
  • To represent an informed view of practices and problems related to HFI within MOD acquisitions.
  • To provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of Human Factors research and applications of value to MOD.


  • Provide feedback to the MOD-Industry HFI Steering Group regarding HFI policy, process and guidance information. The minutes of meetings will constitute formal reports to the Steering Group.
  • To provide a forum where both MOD and Industry can both celebrate success and also raise and track concerns on the implementation of HFI within the UK.
  • To promote the use of standards, guidance and common approaches to HFI.
  • To identify gaps in techniques, knowledge or information that are needed to support HFI and recommend specific activities to overcome them.
  • To establish links between MOD, Industry and Academia in order to maximise information exchange on HFI-related issues to the widest possible audience.
  • Minutes of meetings including presentations will be distributed to all members and posted on the HFI Management System (HuFIMS) site, hosted on the MOD Knowledge in Defence (KiD) system.


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