Information WGs

The Team Defence Information Task Force sponsors and facilitates a number of Working Groups, each focused on a specific aspect of collaborative information sharing. Their purpose is to identify and progress issues – and to develop advice and guidance for the benefit of Team Defence. Representation includes UK Ministry of Defence (and other Government Departments where appropriate) as well as industry. Participation is open to representatives from TD-Info member organisations and others by invitation.


Community established for those interested in the definition, planning, delivery and exploitation of Information Projects.

MOD Defence Digital & its Services to Industry Customers

Industry is a significant customer of MOD’s Defence Digital (formerly ISS) with circa 120,000 users on the MOD network. This section covers aspects relating to Defence Digital while the Industry Customers Engagement Forum meets regularly with representatives of Defence Digital to review jointly, and take appropriate actions on, issues arising from current changes being implemented by the MOD; and to plan and de-risk future changes to their mutual benefit and that of their collective customers.

Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) with MOD Defence Digital

A standing group of MOD and Industry representatives to enable communication of MOD plans and discussion of issues relating to ICT services provided to Industry Customers by MOD Defence Digital.

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Commodity Usage Principles and Assurance (CUPA)

CUPA is a new approach to assuring information commodity products and services. The proposed CUPA process identifies methods of assuring Off The Shelf (OTS) products and services meet the required MOD standards security requirements.

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Information Security Forum

To provide better ways of working securely across Team Defence by identifying key issues and agreeing common approaches to resolution by: sharing good practice, collaborating on accreditation standards, providing practical (and compliant) interpretation of Government policy, and sharing event and near-miss data. The Information Security Forum (ISF) collaboratively develops guidance, influences policy and communicates key messages to members and, where appropriate, broader stakeholders on Information Security and Assurance matters.

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Trading Forum

To provide a forum of Industry representatives and MOD in order to support and drive the implementation, exploitation & coherence of MOD contracting, procurement and finance systems and practices in the secure sharing & exchange of information with Trading Partners 

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General Documents

This area of the website is not a Community. It contains ‘miscellaneous’ documents that are not specific to any particular TD-Info Community. For example, this section includes documents about Events that are not organised by TD-Info but that TD-Info promotes via its Calendar. It also shows TD-Info monthly bulletins from January 2020 onwards.

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The MODCloud Working Group has the objective of driving forward the industry take-up and ongoing consumption of the MODCloud, which is owned and managed by the UK MOD. TD-Information provide the objective and independent viewpoint from which we will facilitate collaboration across the Defence ecosystem in order to drive out the business benefits on behalf of ‘UK plc’ .

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MOD Documents

Section started July 2015 with MOD-related documents such as from MOD Information Systems & Services (ISS). For earlier MOD documents of this type use ‘Search’ with Keyword ISS: MOD Information Systems & Service.

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Multi Domain Integration Working Group

The MDI WG provides a Community of Practice (CoP) to shape and support the Government’s strategy, endorsed by the 2020 Integrated Review.

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Data Management Expert Group

Launched 27th November 2017, the Data Management Expert Group is a joint MOD/Industry Group. It is concerned with standards for data exchange and matters related to data quality.

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Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

Information Security Forum

The purpose of the Information Security Forum (ISF) is to provide better ways of working securely across Team Defence by identifying key issues and agreeing on common approaches to resolution by sharing good practice, collaborating on accreditation standards,...


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