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Defence Digital brought together and replaced a number of organisations, including Information Systems and Services (ISS) in 2019. The Defence Digital organisation has an annual budget of over £2 billion and a team of around 2,400 personnel including military, civil servants and contractors.

A part of Strategic Command, Defence Digital has an important role within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the age of information warfare.

Led by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Charlie Forte, the Defence Digital organisation is responsible for making sure that effective digital and information technology (D&IT) is put into the hands of the military and business front line. It is guided by the D&IT Functional strategy.”

Some of the areas within its remit include:

  • leading on defensive cyber strategy, capability development and policy
  • supplying IT to 200,000 users across defence
  • supporting global military operations
  • improving innovation and digital information exploitation across defence
  • integrating strategy, planning and performance management
  • supporting over 2,000 defence sites across UK and globally.”

Source: (Jan 2020)

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MOD provides a range of ICT services to Industry through its Defence Digital organisation (formerly Information Systems and Services – ISS)) with a range of Industry Engagment.. This area of the TD-Info web site has been set up to help to ensure coherence across service life-cycle phases and service provider contract changes, to reduce business continuity risks and align roadmaps.

The Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) with MOD Defence Digital is the community that meets regularly (6-weekly) where MOD ISS and Industry representatives work together on continuous self-improvement around MOD-provided ICT services, and whose target benefits include: improved requirements, better solutions, reduced business continuity risk, increased productivity, increased end user satisfaction and reduced cost.


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