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It contains ‘miscellaneous’ documents that are not specific to any particular TD-Info Community. For example, this section includes documents about Events that are not organised by TD-Info but that TD-Info promotes via its Calendar It also shows TD-Info monthly bulletins from January 2020 onwards.

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Team Defence Information – General Information Pack PUBLIC PA  Expand

Team Defence Information – Activities and Working Groups PUBLIC PA  Expand

Membership Benefits with Team Defence PUBLIC PA  Expand

20210217 – CCO Defence Sourcing Portal Launch Letter PUBLIC PA  Expand

Launch of the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP) – Letter by Andrew Forzani dated 25 Jan 2021 PUBLIC PA  Expand

Digital Twin Implementation Road Map and Development Framework White Paper V1 Jan 21 PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Support Strategy – BAE Systems Presentation PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Support Strategy – MOD DE&S Presentation PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Support Strategy – Babcock Presentation PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Support Strategy – Allan Webb Ltd Presentation PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Support Strategy – Fujitsu Presentation PUBLIC PA  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin – January 2021 PUBLIC PA  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin – December 2020 PUBLIC PA  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin – November 2020 PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Support Strategy – Leidos Post Event Summary PUBLIC PA  Expand

MOD Defence Support Strategy PUBLIC PA  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin – October 2020 PUBLIC PA  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin – September 2020 PUBLIC PA  Expand

Roadmap Sustainable Defence Support – TDInfo-MOD PUBLIC PA  Expand

Virtual Meetings TD-Info Best Practice Ways of Working – updated 23 April 2020 PUBLIC PA  Expand

TD-Info Membership Agreement Example Nov 2019 PUBLIC PA  Expand

Team Defence Information Privacy Notice – May 2018 PUBLIC PA  Expand

GDPR_Data_Protection_Policy__TDInfo PUBLIC PA  Expand

Defence Growth Partnership Document PUBLIC PA  Expand

GDPR – A Defence IT Practitioner’s Perspective PUBLIC PA  Expand

Ask me Anything Flyer PUBLIC P  Expand

DI21 Event Programme PUBLIC P  Expand

Programme of Allan Webb Training Courses – 2021 PUBLIC P  Expand

South West Regional Defence & Security Cluster – Newsletter – January 2021 PUBLIC P  Expand

Programme for Defence Sustainability Conference – 19 to 20 Jan 2021 PUBLIC P  Expand

Sustainability Defence Support – Submission of Supporting Business Cases PUBLIC P  Expand

Agenda for Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conf – 9 to 11 Feb 2021 PUBLIC P  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin – August 2020 PUBLIC P  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin May 2020 PUBLIC P  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin March 2020 v04 PUBLIC P  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin Feb 2020 v03 PUBLIC P  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin Jan 2020 v02 PUBLIC P  Expand

TD-Info Bulletin April 2020 v03 PUBLIC P  Expand

DI – ’20 – Camcode – 2020 CCG Digital Trans Through Inv and SC Automation PUBLIC P  Expand

About DETI – new Centre for Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation PUBLIC P  Expand

Draft Guidelines for AI Procurement_copy as of 22_10_19 PUBLIC P  Expand

World Economic Forum Whitepaper on Federated Data Systems 2019 PUBLIC P  Expand

Through-Life System Sustainment MSc Course Brochure – Cranfield PUBLIC P  Expand

Global Air Support Summit 3-4 Sept 2019 Programme PUBLIC P  Expand

The Dstl Biscuit Book – Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and (mostly) Machine Learning PUBLIC P  Expand

DI19: Defence Information 19 Programme – 10 & 11 April 2019 PUBLIC P  Expand

Defence Innovation Cluster Overview PUBLIC P  Expand

Malicious use of Artificial Intelligence Report – Feb 2018 PUBLIC P  Expand

Three Cities Summit PUBLIC P  Expand

SCAF Workshop “Practical Examples of Cost Estimating” The SCAF 2017 Cost Estimating Challenge PUBLIC P  Expand

SCAF Workshop on “The Impact of Brexit on the Costing Community” PUBLIC P  Expand

Team Defence: Where UKCeB Delivers – version of DSS Yearbook 2015 article PUBLIC P  Expand

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