Communities Of Practice

Committee on Defence Equipment Reliability & Maintainability

Committee on Defence Equipment Reliability & Maintainability (CoDERM). In order to ensure that military capability is maximised through optimal levels of equipment Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) it is essential that MOD and industry co-operate to their mutual advantage. The CoDERM has been established to provide a Community of Practice to facilitate that co-operation.

Combined Technical Documentation Working Group

The Combined Technical Documentation Working Group (CTDWG) provides a Community of Practice (CoP) to support the MOD’s strategy for technical documentation support solutions and the development of supporting pan-MOD Technical Documentation Policy and Advice and Guidance. The group will provide a business focus on the strategic requirements to enable the delivery of coherent technical documentation solutions, supported by sub groups to focus on specific technical advice and research, specifications and standards.

Defence Asset Management

Under the auspice of TD-Info, the AMCoP is a standing joint MOD, Defence Industry and the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) community of practice. The IAM is the Asset Management (AM) professional body and will be represented by the IAM SW Branch. The AMCoP will offer outputs and information to Defence Joint Support, the Defence Support Joint Force Development Board (DSFDB) and to Def Sp People Strategy and Professionalism.

Delivery Continuity Executive

Early mitigation of threats to continuity of delivery, meeting needs of industry and MOD. Mutual understanding between providers and users in industry of MOD information services. Establishing more effective sharing and exchange of data, which improves decision making across contracts for Defence Support Increased re-use of MOD information services to maximise return on investment..


A standing group of MOD and Industry representatives to enable communication of MOD plans and discussion of issues relating to ICT services provided to Industry Customers by MOD Defence Digital (formerly ISS).

Information Security Forum

To promote better ways of collaborating securely within the Aerospace and Defence Sector by developing information assurance guidance and influencing MOD security policy to enable improvements in how the Defence community works together.

Natural Capital & Infrastructure CoP (NC&I CoP)

The NC&I CoP focuses on Natural Capital in an effort to shape, influence and assist MOD in its future direction for NC&I.

Packaging for Equipment Acquisition and Support

This Community of Practice provides a forum for the MOD and Industry where topics of discussion include guidance and resolution of matters relating to Military Level Packaging, training, links with Professional Bodies e.g. The Packaging Society (IoM³); innovations related to packaging..

Integrated Product Support (IPS) CoP (formerly SCSEWG)

Strive to improve the Whole Life Cost Effectiveness of the “System of Interest”.

Supportability Modelling and Analysis Community of Practice

A working group that seeks to identify and promulgate good practice in life cycle cost modelling across the UK Defence sector and contribute to the realisation of the DSCM vision.

Our “Communities of Practice” bring together Defence Industry and MOD members, combining their knowledge and intellect, to mutually advance the understanding of common areas of interest.

The output of these Communities of Practice usually develops into a White Paper, provides the focus for establishing a Working Group, or initiates a collaborative Industry/MOD Project.  


Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

Team Defence Strategy Group

The Strategy Group has been established to interpret the 3* Advisory Board’s bi-annual areas of strategic focus along with outputs from the Team Defence Information Council to sponsor and approve Team Defence Information activities which align to these top-level...


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