CDLS AdM as a Service Working Group

The Chief of Defence Logistics & Support (CDLS), currently VAdm Andy Kyte, tasked the Defence Support Transformation & Innovation team (part of Strategic Command, and residing in MoD Abbey Wood) to test the feasibility of pursuing ‘Additive Manufacturing (AdM) as a Service’ pan the Front Line Commands (Army, Navy, Maritime & Space). This tasking includes:

  1. Examining the choices/processes/technologies available in the marketplace in respect of who should produce components in the context of a centralised strategic base capability, i.e. could a designated OEM provide bespoke AdM services to UK MOD on an ‘as required’ basis.
  2. Establish the degree to which the model could be extended into the MOD Supply Chain.

Subsequently, and as briefed at DSEI in Aug 21, CDLS gave notice of the intention to accelerate AdM as a key component of the Defence Supply Chain.

A commercial framework has now been created in order to accelerate the maturity of metal AdM technologies to assist in getting them to the point where the intention is for Industry to produce parts for the Defence Inventory, working with DE&S Delivery Teams and FLC’s, and fitted to In-Service platforms, for which the print files are transmissible, and IPR and certification has been addressed. This ‘challenge’ was launched by CDLS’ team in April 2022, providing industry with the opportunity to submit proposals on how they could deliver the required ‘AdM as a service’ offering (Project TAMPA). 

Concurrently, a series of Industry / MOD co-chaired Working Groups are taking place, with membership from a wide range of interested & relevant industry & MoD stakeholders, to ensure that the certification, IPR, inventory management and ‘Digital Thread’ aspects of delivering AdM to the MoD as a standard offering are suitably addressed. These working groups (held virtually every 2-3 months and at volunteered premises every quarter) provide the opportunity for the joint MoD & Industry AdM community to network and learn from each other, as well as formulate a roadmap for ‘AdM as a service’ implementation within UK Defence.

 The current MoD senior sponsor for AdM in Defence is Maj Gen Phil Prosser, Director Joint Support.

 A selection of documentation relating to the AdMaaS challenge / Project TAMPA are provided below. A comprehensive set of documents are maintained on the secure Kahootz sharepoint site, with access requested by emailing

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CDLS AdM as a Service Working Group Documents

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20220427-July AdM Timeline for DSP27/Apr/2022
20220427-AdM Virtual Network Opportunity V1.027/Apr/2022
20220427-AdM industry day follow up questions27/Apr/2022
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20191112 – AdM SWG Nov MTC NCAM12/Nov/2019
20191112 – AdM SWG Nov Dstl Corrosion of AM Components12/Nov/2019
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20191112 – AdM SWG Nov Arke Reduced Log Need12/Nov/2019
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