Support Advantage Charter

In September 2021, at DSEI, Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw, Chief of Defence Logistics & Support (CDLS), invited Industry to propose a MOD/Industry Support Charter to reinforce joint commitment to the Defence Support Strategy (DSS) and its vision of Support Advantage.

The Defence Suppliers Forum Delivery Continuity Executive working within Team Defence Information facilitated Industry engagement to produce the Support Advantage Charter. Under the Charter MOD and Industry agree to work together to improve:

  • Support Capability and resilience

  • Availability and readiness

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Exploitation of Support data and technology

  • Collaboration, interoperability, and integration

Equipment Support Modelling Guide Book Charter

Currently there is an overheated Defence equipment programme which could be up to £15 billion overcommitted. This over commitment provides a clear focus for MOD to determine how the Defence budget could be better managed or reduced. This includes equipment support cost which can be up to 70% of whole life cost[1]. This situation prompts a renewed emphasis on equipment support affordability and cost management. Modelling and analysis are a means to better understand support options, associated costs and risks. This guidebook, developed by Team Defence Information and MOD Subject Matter Experts, provides a overview of the different types of modelling and associated applications. It addresses modelling for supportability and support system design, deployment, operation, and withdrawal. This includes support operation, economic, and risk modelling. Although this guidebook has a defence connotation the modelling principles are applicable to any complex equipment and its associated support system.


[1] United States of America Department of Defence Operating and Support Cost Estimating Paper

Equipment Support Modelling Handbook Logo

Digital Twin Positioning Paper

This was a thought piece on the application of Digital Twin in the Defence Ecosystem.  It was extremely well received and has been key in informing MOD and industry thinking.

Defence Standard 00-601

The Combined Technical Documentation Working Group identified the need for Technical document standard, and a joint MOD/Industry team created Defence Standard 00-601, the worlds first technical documentation standard. 

Defence Standard 00-600

A joint MOD/industry working group was set up to rewrite Defence Standard 00-600 Integrated Logistic Support Requirements for MOD Projects  as it was considered to not provide the detailed guidance required by the MOD and industry. The joint teams has sucesfully rewriten Part 1-3 .

Secure Information Sharing Positioning Paper

A joint MOD/Industry Paper

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