Synthetic Environment for Support


The use of augmented reality, virtual reality and high fidelity models to create virtual training environments for Defence staff.


Synthetic environments are fully utilised across Defence to augment existing training regimes and wholly replace physical training which is destructive or costly. Platforms and teams across the defence estate can collaborate in training opportunities.

First Steps/Building Blocks

Where can we use Synthetic environments to support and improve the Defence support landscape – opportunity to develop further. Army war fighting experiment (focus area for TDI support and facilitation) Stakeholder and ownership discovery activity for MOD sponsors and owners of the synthetic environment Understanding the TDI membership expertise on synthetic environment discovery activity to better focus specialist support

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Def Sp – Future Supply Chain Workshop

General The Support Operating Concept creates a vision of the future supply chain.  At this event hosted at the Wincanton Innovation Centre we will consider the role of technologies such as AMR, warehouse digital twins, advanced manufacturing, internet of things, end...

Team Defence Strategy Group

The Strategy Group has been established to interpret the 3* Advisory Board’s bi-annual areas of strategic focus along with outputs from the Team Defence Information Council to sponsor and approve Team Defence Information activities which align to these top-level...

TD-Info Council Meeting

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Support Chain Seminar 2023

18/Jan/2023 @ 8:00 am - 19/Jan/2023 @ 3:30 pm Digital Engineering in UK Defence SCS23 provides the opportunity for the ‘Team Defence’ community to hear, first-hand, how Digital Engineering is transforming Defence. Digital Engineering offers the potential to reduce...

Engineering Support Digital Inspection Market Engagement

Engineering Support Transformation (EST) is a funded MOD programme looking to create support advantage though the application of Strategic Asset Management principles underpinned by digital engineering workflows. The programme is currently considering digital...