On 22 January 2022, the MOD issued an independent report on MDI Research drawing upon “Conceptual approaches and lessons from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea”.

RAND Europe, part of the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre’s (DCDC) Strategic Analysis Support Contract, has reviewed existing literature and perspectives on whether potential UK adversaries are developing similar or equivalent concepts of multi domain integration (MDI) and, if so, how and to what effect.

The outputs of this analysis were used to help inform the development of the UK’s wider understanding of MDI, which is reflected in DCDC’s Joint Concept Note 1/20 MDI, published in November 2020.

The MDI report comprises of the following short core chapters, as well as more detailed national case studies on Russia and China as annexes:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Outline of origin and scope of MDI
Chapter 3: Overview of key trends and international approaches to MDI
Chapter 4: lesson and implications of the UK
Annex A: Case study on Russia
Annex B: Case study on China

The report is available to download on the Gov website here.