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This Industry Engagement Group is facilitated by Team Defence Information, on behalf of the MOD. It provides a mechanism for open, collaborative engagement between Industry & MOD.

The Warehousing and Distribution Optimisation (WDO) project is tasked to understand, control and optimise the Defence Warehouse and Distribution capability.

The types of solution the Authority would like to consider are; Multi Location Warehousing, Estate Capacity and Capability Management System Software as a solution, 3PL and 4PL and Capability Control Tower.

MOD is keen to continue to engage with suppliers to share information, knowledge and experience of implementing estate capacity and capability control towers and associated digital technologies.

The Fuels Transformation Programme (FTP)  is focused on improving how strategic fuels are managed, stored, distributed and handled.  The Authority seeks information on supplier’s experience from their implementation of similar programmes, associated lessons learnt, risks, issues, opportunities and benefits; opportunities to enhance effectiveness and/or efficiency based on their experience in the UK Defence or allied nation’s supply chain; industry products, services and capabilities that could meet the requirement; gather and/or validate market intelligence.

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