Disruptive ideas and technologies that offer improvements and beneficial changes to capabilities and cultures with UK Defence.


Receptiveness to, and widespread adoption of, disruptive technologies such as autonomous systems and additive manufacture with UK Defence. Ecosystem where good ideas are shared, explored, proven and accelerated to add value across the extended support enterprise mechanism that enables rapid horizontal pull through of practice, process and technology that transforms Defence Support have a thread from today’s challenges with a roadmap to a future where we cannot envisage what we could do in the future Agile, resilient, efficient, effective safe and sustainable defence support systems enabled through adoption and adaptions of best practice, process and technology.

First Steps/Building Blocks

Removing boundaries and impediments to change – removal of policy process and rules that prevent innovation and accelerate Empowerment of people to bring about change.


Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

Team Defence Strategy Group

The Strategy Group has been established to interpret the 3* Advisory Board’s bi-annual areas of strategic focus along with outputs from the Team Defence Information Council to sponsor and approve Team Defence Information activities which align to these top-level...


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