Futures Coherence Board

As the scope of work increases and common thematic areas cut across there is a need for reactivate to be cohered. To support this endeavour a new coherence board has been establsihed. Draft copy of the Terms of Defence can be downloaded from this page.  These will be ratified over the coming months.


The Futures Coherence Board is a standing, joint MOD and Industry body reporting to the Team Defence Information 2* Steering Group Ref A and the Defence Support Force Development Board (DSFDB). It’s purpose is to direct, cohere, exploit, and where appropriate sponsor TD-Info Future activity. 


Futures activity outputs will provide insight to inform, guide and enable accelerated development of Defence Capability. 


Futures activity has three core focus areas: DE&S Future Capability Group, Defence Support[1] and Defence Infrastructure. The Board will consider business model innovation and advances in technology and digital assessing the potential to transform Defence acquisition, capability development and support. Reference C, D, E & F will provide a reference framework.

[1] Defence Support encompasses Logistics, Engineering and Equipment Support activities.