Forecast & Resource Planning


A change programme within Support Transformation that will improve the way Defence forecasts and resources its support requirements. It will provide Front Line Commands with better access to strategic data, which will allow them to make investment decisions based on affordability and risk. It will deliver both financial and non-financial benefits, including better processes and more widely available information.


F&RP will change for the better how the Defence Enterprise supports its equipment and in doing so will empower our people to make informed timely decisions, work more efficiently together and deliver assured cost-effective equipment support to operations. By 2023, F&RP will be a fully operational process within Defence. People working in Front Line Commands and Support focused organisations will be fully trained and regularly delivering the F&RP process. There will be a user-friendly toolset available that will deliver tactical and strategic visibility, while giving a costed support risk. There will be ongoing support available and Defence will oversee ongoing policy coherence. The F&RP Working Group will assist in developing the F&RP focused market across a wide range of contributing industry sectors.

First Steps/Building Blocks

Understand the F&RP the model; identify and prioritise programmes to contribute towards the MOD F&RP programme update list; pilot processes output; evaluation model what good looks like pilots.

Forecast and Resource Planning Documents



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