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Joint Professional Development Working Group

15/Dec/2023 @ 9:00 am - 9:45 am

The JPDWG has held 2 meetings to establish the scope and activity to deliver against developing a Skills Framework for Support.

Addresses are requested by 13th Dec to:

  1. provide their agreement to the terms of reference for the Working Group
  2. allocate resource for the Working Groups to deliver against the plan of work set out in the terms of reference
  3. share their own skills frameworks to the group for comparison and development.

The timeline for activity is below and is challenging, but it is expected that for most areas there will be existing frameworks that can be used for comparison and agreement making the ask less onerous.  Ideally the members of the sub working group should be subject matter experts or people who develop / maintain these skills frameworks as part of their normal day job.


  • A common taxonomy describing all the roles (by end mid Jan 24).
  • A definition of the knowledge, skills, experience, and behaviours required for each role for up to seven proficiency levels (Awareness, Foundation, Working, Practitioner, Experienced practitioner, Expert, Strategist) (by end March 24).
  • A definition of the development pathways to move between the skill levels, highlighting accreditation and training routes aligned with Industry and professional standards (by end March 24).
  • A definition of career pathways to show how to progress and build capability (by June 24).
  • A definition of knowledge, skills, experience, and behaviours needed for the future. (tbd)
  • A risk register highlighting skills shortages now and predicted for next 5 years. (ongoing)
  • A communications plan targeted at different stakeholder groups for highlighting the skills profiles and development opportunities (by Feb 24).
  • A maintenance plan for all artefacts to remain current (by end Feb 24).
  • To develop and deliver an outreach programme for schools to attract leavers to the sector. (commence Jan 24 onwards).

The activity will be broken down into disciplines to form sub working groups, the current working assumption is the following groups will be established subject to agreement and change:

  • Material Accounting: All roles whose primary function is associated with developing, implementing and maintaining material accounting policy for inventory.
  • Driving: All roles involved in driving & operating of vehicles of all types
  • TTLS / ILS / IPS: roles providing advice on the delivery of integrated logistic strategic planning and support arrangements. These include planning, delivery and operation of in-service support, equipment modification, understanding repair procedures and resolution of design and maintenance issues.
  • Postal and Courier: roles involved in receipt, sort and despatch of mail, handling of special delivery, postal courier and escorting mail. Assessment of delivery costs and post office counter sales.
  • Supply Chain Management / Inventory Management: roles involved in the provision of logistic services to meet specialist equipment needs, including introduction of In-Service support, equipment modifications equipment safety, understanding of repair procedures.
  • Transportation and Movement: roles involved in the provision of transport and movement services including planning, coordination, management of physical driving/operating equipment.
  • Warehouse Ops / Storekeepers: roles involved in the warehousing function, including Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) operations, packaging, receipts, returns and issues, storekeeping, stocktaking, storage and distribution.
  • Energy – to be defined.

These groups will be formally established on 15th Dec at the next meeting and will require resource assigned to each group to test viability for development and refinement of timeline.

Please contact Leyton Lark for further information.


9:00 am - 9:45 am
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Kelly Gough


Virtual – MS Teams