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Call to Action: Engineering Support – Digital Inspection RFI

22/Sep/2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Call to action for industry to support a market analysis of digital inspection use cases and technology

Task Summary

This task will assist the EST team in evaluating the range of use cases and technologies that utilise digital scanning capabilities for inspection maintenance and creation of digitised engineering drawings. This will help inform prioritised investment and development of policy for digital engineering and inspection.

Task Governance

Task Sponsor: Phil Tullit

MOD Lead: Anne Beven

Industry lead: Steve Evans


  1. Introductions
  2. Present strawman structure
  3. Outline task schedule
  4. RFI
  5. Call for volunteers to support collation and reporting
  6. Issue

Current inspection regimes are time consuming, often use the mark 1 eye ball, are subjective, dependent on individual experience, not repeatable and do not create enduring digital records. Where safety critical and inspection fidelity is important then items are taken out of service, retuned to base locations and are not available to operators for extended periods of time


There are a range of digital inspection technologies that can be used to create digital master data, conduct inspections (non-destructive testing) and condition a platform in a more accurate, faster, repeatable and efficient way.  This will reduce cost and increase availability of equipment.


There are already some digital inspection use cases in EST however different frequencies provide different insights and there are limitations on speed and portability from hand-held to fixed infra full system scans. Interoperability and integration across the support enterprise will improve if common solution, standards, and data formats are adopted across the network.  As Industry are already employing mature solutions, Defence can increase its understanding of the marketplace to inform the EST programme.

Next Steps

Task team start up meeting



11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Steve Green