DSN(T) Information Flow and Exchange – Initial Operating Model

The Information Flow and Exchange Project within the Industry Enablers Programme has been established In order to provide the right data / information to the right people at the right time; and to enable collaboration and transparency that will allow industry to support the DSN (T) and JF25 objectives. The requirements of the industry enablers contracting for information programme are to:

– Develop a contract framework that incentivises the sharing of appropriate industry data and information with MOD; and that further enables appropriate MOD data and information to be shared with industry
– Develop a process that monitors and enforces contract compliance against the sharing of data and information
– Develop an enterprise data / information sharing mechanism / portal that makes physical provision for the sharing of industry data with MOD and vice-versa
– Develop an enterprise data / information sharing process to manage, enable, control and authorize sharing

The planned approach to delivering this is through a series of phases:

Phase 1 – Initial Operating Model: Define an initial approach using proven good practice and validate it through simulated contractual scenarios
Phase 2 – Demonstration: Implement the Initial Operating Model across a small number of real contracts and refine based upon further experience
Phase 3 – Transformation: Progressively apply the Initial Operating Model across all relevant contracts
Phase 4 – Improvement: Establish the capability to continue to improve the Operating Model whilst maintaining it in use across new and existing contracts

This PID defines the work to be carried out within Phase 1. A key part of this work will be to narrow the focus of the Initial Operating Model to a small number of well understood activities, such as codification, where clearly demonstrated good practice is already established. This will provide early benefit and the foundation for future activities which extend the operating model across the DSN.


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