Call to action supporting our ambition to generate thought leadership into Application Programme Interfaces For Robotic & Autonomous Systems (API4RAS).

Through collaboration, diversity of thought and learning from cross sector practice we will generate valuable insight.
This work will inform FCG’s direction around Human Machine Teaming, the Expeditionary Robotics Centre of Expertise and Digitisation of the Battlefield.
For reference and sharing the slide pack outlining the intent as presented yesterday is attached.

It is not too late to get involved:

  • Authors & Reviewers: please sign up and join us on the 31 August
  • Contributors: Please share your experience and best practice sending us your papers and case studies for inclusion in our document trawl and literature review. Email to:
  • Interested parties: To keep up to date, receive an invite to our town hall brief and update when the output is published then contact us to join our mailing list

If you have any questions then please get in touch

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