Identifying and delivering tangible benefits for UK Defence

We manage and coordinate a number of collaborative “Projects” with input and support from across Industry, MOD, and academia. 

Each Project is sponsored by Industry/MOD and has a defined objective to deliver a specified output or realise tangible business change for the UK Defence Industry.

S1000D Working Group

S1000D is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications. S1000D is part of the S-Series of ILS specifications. The UK ASD S1000D National Sub Group is concerned with the development of the S1000D specification from a UK standpoint. It reports to the Combined Technical Documentation Working Group (CTDWG) through its nominated representatives. Further Sub Groups may be formed under the UK ASD S1000D National Working Group to support its work. Over 14-17 October 2019, the S1000D User Forum 2019 and ILS Specification Day were held in the UK.

JISCOT – Joint Information Standards Co-ordination Team

The mission of the Joint Information Standards Co-ordination Team (JISCOT) is to co-ordinate, for the UK, the MOD and Industry representation in the identification, development, deployment and maintenance of a coherent set of standards to meet the needs of UK Defence from this global activity within the scope of TD-Info activity.

Def Stan 00-600

Def Stan 00-600 is the Integrated Logistic Support Requirements for MOD Projects.

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Through-life Engineering Services Standards

Material relating to Through-life Engineering Services and as part of the work of the Through-life Engineering Services Centre.

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S3000L UK Group

Provides UK standpoint on this specification and reports to ASD S3000L Steering Group through its nominated representative.

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Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group

This international group has Team Defence Information (TD-Info) representation from Ciaran Dodd.

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UK Simplified Technical English Working Group

The UK Simplified Technical English Working Group.

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Common Standards for Common Information (CSfCI)

The Common Standards for Common Information breakdown. 

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Integrated Product Support IPS Council

The IPS Council, chaired by TDI, brings together European and USA organisations to collaborate in the development, maintenance and promotion of the ASD/AIA S-Series IPS specifications. 

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Service Commission ASD Brussels

The ASD Services Commission (SVC) promotes understanding and enables the development, deployment and management of standards for the support of service. activities and new services concepts.

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S5000F Working Group


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S2000M Working Group

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Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

Executive Group Team Meeting

The Team Defence Executive Team operate monthly sessions which will look to support and mature opportunities and guide the broad portfolio of Team Defence Activities so they align with the strategic direction and focus set by the Team Defence Strategy Group. This is a...

Joint Professional Development Working Group

The next JPDWG meeting will be taking place Virtually via MS Teams 23 May 14.00 - 15.00. Please contact Leyton Lark for further information. Please contact Kelly if you have any difficulties registering for this meeting.[iFrameModal...


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