Meet Our Staff

Phil Williams

Managing Director

T: 01454410551

M: 07780476051


Sue Russell

Office, Finance & Conference Manager

M: 07974236505



PA to Phil Williams, MD | TD-Info Task Force Support

T: 01454410550


Jack thompson

Comms, Task Force Support

T: 01454510553


PhiliPPA Arter

Task Force Consultant – Collaboration Programme Manager

T: 01454510553


Graham Smith

Task Force Consultant – Membership, Finance, Website

M 07977320625


Steve Green

Task Force Consultant – Research, Technology & Innovation Lead

M: 07950400211


Stu Olden

Task Force Consultant


Tony Butler

Task Force Consultant – ICEF & Trading Forum

M: 07939722836


Luca Leone

Task Force Consultant – Export Controls

M: 077428212293


Leyton Lark

Task Force Consultant – SCS Co-ordinator, Through-Life-Support

M: 07970959742


Darin Tudor

Task Force Consultant

T: 07521089212


Ciaran Dodd

Task Force Consultant – STE Training, Standards

M: 07905202643


Julian Dayment

Task Force Consultant – Membership Relations Management


Gavin Emmerson

Task Force Consultant – TD-Info Core Team

T: 07970350965


Paul Hudson

Delivery Continuity Executive



Steve Worsnip

Task Force Consultant – Sustainment/Support Subject Matter Expert

M: 07736811935


Andy Whatman

Task Force Consultant – Member Relationship Executive

TM: 07399465899


Steve Shepherd

Task Force Consultant – Defence Information Conference Lead

M: 07770445039


Andy Corbett

Task Force Consultant – Info Security Forum


About Stu

Stu has extensive experience of delivering commercial benefit across a wide range of technical sectors, with specialist knowledge in the defence, aerospace and off high way markets. Since completing 26 years service in the Army (REME), where he worked across a range of operational, support and procurement roles, Stu has held senior positions in industry in both consultant engineering and product delivery organisations, securing and supporting the successful delivery of complex & high value technology projects. He has a strong network developed during his career in the armed services, public and private sectors and is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Stu most recently worked as a Senior Commercial Manager for Williams Advanced Engineering, building their adjacent sector business area and now runs his own business supporting micro & SME organisations define their value proposition and increase their revenue streams through the exploitation of their technology. Out of work Stu enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and gardening. He is a keen allotment holder, and dabbles in the art of woodwork when he has any spare time.



About Andy

Andy has held leadership roles in Texaco and the Volvo Franchise network as well as senior level leadership positions in two UK PLC’s, most recently as Group ICT and Cyber Security Director for one of the UK’s most innovative Defence, Energy, Space and Aviation businesses. As well as joining TD Info, he has also set up his own consultancy, delivering advice on Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness and Business System Planning, especially to SME’s where cost-effective solutions are critical. For Team Defence, Andy is facilitator for the Information Security Forum and the Commodity Usage Principals and Assurance (CUPA), Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and Microsoft 2365 (M3645) Working Groups.