TD-Info (UKCeB) Excellence Awards – Year 2015 And Before

Competition Winners

2014  BAE Systems in conjunction with MOD DE&S and the Royal Air Force – “Maintenance and Force Intelligence Centres”

This entry was submitted in the Valuing Information as an Asset category. The developed capability delivered timely information to support UK Fast Jet operations at RAF Coningsby and Marham. The system provides the Maintenance and Force Intelligence Centres with a “Living” Dashboard of Aircraft status powered by information integrated from both MOD and industry sources.

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Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF)

Industry Customer Engagement Forum - regular Industry Engagement meeting, hosted by MOD, to address issues affecting Industry-based consumers of MOD-provided services.  Use the links below to add this virtual meeting to your calendar. Virtual Meeting only - Invites...

TD-Info Executive Team

The Team Defence Executive Team operate monthly sessions which will look to support and mature opportunities and guide the broad portfolio of Team Defence Activities so they align with the strategic direction and focus set by the Team Defence Strategy Group. This is a...


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Support Chain Seminar 2023

18/Jan/2023 @ 8:00 am - 19/Jan/2023 @ 3:30 pm Digital Engineering in UK Defence SCS23 provides the opportunity for the ‘Team Defence’ community to hear, first-hand, how Digital Engineering is transforming Defence. Digital Engineering offers the potential to reduce...

Engineering Support Digital Inspection Market Engagement

Engineering Support Transformation (EST) is a funded MOD programme looking to create support advantage though the application of Strategic Asset Management principles underpinned by digital engineering workflows. The programme is currently considering digital...