Software Enabled Defence Working Group

The Software Enabled Defence Working Group (SEDWG) will inform a funded programme of Software Acquisition Management Improvement (SAMI) for Financial Year 2023/24, as well as a series of more strategic and disruptive steps on Digital and Software through an MOD/Industry Working Group and Network, facilitated by TD-Info. Fundamentally, this will assist the MOD to exploit the digital and software to support the needs of Operational Constant Competition.


The Software and Acquisition Working Group will operate as part of three parallel work streams to be taken forward in the form of:

  • A continuing SAMI Programme of Work, funded by an existing line through the Aurora Engineering Delivery Partnership (EDP).
  • A strategic and disruptive MOD/Industry engagement and influence programme and campaign enabled by TD-Info.
  • A Strategic and disruptive development programme of work, funded through another existing EDP funding line to bring to life propositions for MOD and Industry future endeavours in Digital & Software.


Software Enabled Defence WG

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Software Enabled Defence Working Group Documents

DE&S Software Acquisition Management improvement (SAMI) 2023 and 2024 programme _11/Jul/2023
20231031SED WG Launch Brief – 31st Oct 202315/Nov/2023
20231031 Key Takeaways from SED WG Launch Final15/Nov/2023
20230505 SED Workshop Report Iss1.011/Jul/2023