Team Defence Information Vanguard (TD-V)

The TD-V group work collaboratively, in a commercially neutral forum, to harness diversity of thought and challenge norms of thinking across the Defence sector. It drives for progress in what sometimes seems like an enterprise that moves slower than it can afford to; noting the vast and rapid technological and geopolitical developments of today. As such, it actively challenges the ‘fast follower’ trope which can all too often become the default ambition, and instead strives to provide the evidence and the energy to make Defence a leading enterprise that does the best it possibly can to empower Britain in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

The Vanguard has several key strategic themes:

  • Sustainability and Net Zero – to reduce the impact Defence makes on the planet
  • Ethics in AI – to challenge and ensure that AI technologies are adopted ethically and responsibly across Defence
  • Image of Defence – to improve the perception of Defence In an effort to increase access to a broader skills base
  • Future Technologies  – to ensure defence has the best tools for the job
  • Hybrid Technologies – working to improve the recognition, analysis and mitigation of Disinformation in the Supply Chain to secure the entire support network.
  • Space – to expedite the processes and policies of satellite design and launch, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of data and information for defence capabilities

The Vanguard board support the common and strategic aims of TD-Info with projects and initiatives such as analysis of the DSIS (Defence & Security Industrial Strategy) – looking at how the Defence sector can adopt a ‘DefTech’ brand, with a view to creating a ‘DefTech’ hub as a front door for SMEs in order to be at the cutting edge of Future Technology.

The TD-V have also created an acronym web app to help industry stakeholders, both new and old, navigate the minefield of terms, expressions and programmes of work that we encounter throughout the world of Defence – accessible here.

The Vanguard are always looking for more keen professionals to join the board so if you are passionate about making a difference, please get in touch with Louise Hakner.


Vanguard Documents

20190329 -The Best Part to Print – Process for Down-Selecting Parts for Additive Manufacturing – Travis Chamberlain29/Mar/2019
20181230 – AM Decision Tree30/Dec/2018


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