Through Life Sustainability Toolset Task Team

Through Life Sustainability Toolset The ‘through life sustainability and carbon impact’ needs to be considered in all future capability, acquisition, and equipment programmes. RequirementsCurrently there is no policy or direction on what, how or when analysis must be done, what form it should take or which review gates this would be part of. Therefore, there […]

Operational Infrastructure and the drive for Self-Sustainment

Royal Engineer Museum Prince Arthur Road, Gillingham, United Kingdom

Venue: Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham The Event: The Institution of Royal Engineers and Team Defence Information are pleased to announce the “Operational Infrastructure and the Drive for Self-sustainment” conference on 26th/27th September at the Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham which is the Present and Historic home of military engineering. The Challenge: The conference seeks to analyse […]

TD-Info Futures: Low Carbon Bases Workshop

Frazer-Nash Consultancy Narrow Quay House,, Bristol, United Kingdom

This will be the first working group under the new Def Sp focus areas. This event explores one of the Sustainable Support Strategy themes and will help inform future experimentation in low carbon deployments. The hypothesis for the workshop is: ‘Intelligent operational base designs will reduce energy demand which when matched with smart grids and alternative energy solutions will provide assured resilient supply with a significantly reduced logistic and carbon footprint’

Towards Self Sufficiency – A Sustainable Defence Support Working Group

KBR Leatherhead KBR, Springfield Dr, Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom

Online & at KBR Leatherhead 27 June 23 Context: Once deployed force elements will be self-sufficient, Forces will be able to operate for prolonged periods without the need for resupply.  Realisation of this concept is dependent on a ‘closed loop’ system of systems solution. Outline of Activities: Defence Support will share their concept and experimentation […]

Battlefield Energy and Electrification Options Workshop – an FCG Open Innovation Laboratories Event

UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground Station Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground, 4 July 23  Presentations from the day: 1. TD6 Benefits and Challenges 2. Future Energy Trial Battlefield Energy 3. MoD - Millbrook Energy Security & Nett Zero - Case for Nuclear H2 4. Battlefield Electrification   Background: The modern soldier is increasingly more digitised and equipped with drones, sensors, electronic countermeasures, robotics and […]