Newcastle Uni – ‘hydrogen transport’

Project VITAL Living Lab

Professor Phil Blythe FREng, CEng, FIET

Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems, Newcastle University

RAF​ Leeming​ has​ been​ designated​ the​ Sustainability​ Living​ Lab​ for​ the​ RAF. ​Project​ VITAL ​is ​one​ of​ a ​series​ of ​projects​ supporting ​and​using​ the​ living​lab,​ with​ one​ theme​ of​ the research focusing on the challenge of decarbonising the​ bases​ ground​ transportation.​ The​presentation​ will​ provide​ a ​brief​ overview​ on​ the​ VITAL​ Project​ and​focus​ on​ the​ work​ looking​ at​ the​ feasibility​ of ​using​ hydrogen​ as​ an energy vector for some of the harder to decarbonise ground​ vehicles​types​ and​ also​ the​ potential​ for​ developing​ a​ wider​ hydrogen ​economy​ at ​RAF ​Leeming.

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