OPA Management of Gosport and Green Initiatives

Paul Grange

OPA Operations Director

Tim Backhouse

OPA Finance Director

Gosport​ Tank​ Farm​ is​ close​ to​ completion​ and​ the​ integrated​ team​approach​ has ​meant​ that​ the​ final​ project​ will​ produce​ a​ fit ​for​purpose,​ fully​ compliant​ tank​ farm​ for​ the​ full-service​ life​ of ​the​ QE​class​ carriers,​ this​ element​ is​ an​ update​ on​ the​ project​ to​ date. ​As​ the​ OPA​ transitions​ to​ the​ completion​ of​ the​ “Journey​ to​ Compliance”​the​ opportunity​ to​ retain​ the​ learnings​ from​ the​ 5yr ​investment​program​ are​ being​ explored.​ The​ OPA​ has​ agreed​ to​ a​ phased​transition​ of​ responsibility​ for ​the​ O&M​ of ​OFD​ Senoko,​ subject ​to​appropriate​ approvals.​ This​ transition​ follows​ the​ DIO​ Capital​Investment​ program​ at ​the​ site​ with​ OPA​ able​ to​ offer​ synergies​ from​ their ​management​ of​ the ​UK​ OFDs.

The​ future ​opportunities ​of ​the ​OFDs ​are​ constantly​ being​ explored,​with​ a​ long-term​ deal ​for​ capacity ​being​ agreed​ with​ US​ DLA​improving​ their​ fuel​ resilience ​in​ the​ area. ​We ​are​ also​ exploring​ the​long-term​ utilisation​ of ​our ​asset ​base​ to​ support ​alternative​ fuel​production​ or ​storage​ in​ line​ with​ government ​Net-Zero​ initiatives.

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