Defence Support – Data Science – A DSFDB Sub-Working Group

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) – LOGNET Sub-working Group is facilitated by TD-Info on behalf of the MOD. The focus is on Defence Support. Outputs are available to TD-Info members and non-members alike. For more information, click on the link for “Diary Dates, Contacts and More Information”.

To download presentations from AI-SWG sessions that pre-date April 2020, please click on the following links:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sub-WG: Jan 2020 – hosted by Brookes 

Def Logs Concept Study Day on Artificial Intelligence: for PRACTITIONERS_March 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Session – Support Information Innovation – Community of Interest (SII-COI) #4 April 2018




Data Science Sub-Working Group Documents

20200709-Webinar 4 BAE SYSTEMS Air – Advanced Analytics & AI Overview09/Jul/2020
20200709-Webinar 1 Defence Support AI sWG Webinar09/Jul/2020
20200702-Webinar 6-AI WG seminar LTI DSandAI02/Jul/2020
20200702-Webinar 6 WG seminar02/Jul/2020
20200630-Webinar 5 Instinct Engines-Al Brown30/Jun/2020
20200629-Webinar 2 TD-Info AI SWG Slides29/Jun/2020
20200624-Webinar 3 Assets in Operation24/Jun/2020
20200113-Research Technology & Innovation Activities 2019 TD-Info Summary plus 202013/Jan/2020
20190829-AI SWG Lust To Dust29/Aug/2019