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UKCeB Events and Visits can be on a range of topics involving Support Chain/Information Management.  Often they are hosted by member organisations who are open to sharing challenges, approaches, solutions and ongoing opportunities with other UKCeB members. Typically, there are four sessions per year which may involve site visits.  They are promoted on the website in the News Items and via the Calendar which may also be how to make bookings.  Places are limited and booking entails commitment to attend.

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Information on all sector-relevant events, run by TD-Info and other organisations.

Executive Group Team Meeting

The Team Defence Executive Team operate monthly sessions which will look to support and mature opportunities and guide the broad portfolio of Team Defence Activities so they align with the strategic direction and focus set by the Team Defence Strategy Group. This is a...

Joint Professional Development Working Group

The next JPDWG meeting will be taking place Virtually via MS Teams 23 May 14.00 - 15.00. Please contact Leyton Lark for further information. Please contact Kelly if you have any difficulties registering for this meeting.[iFrameModal...


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