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What is meant by 'Team Defence'? Why is Industry both a Supplier to MOD and Supplier?

Team Defence is a shorthand reference for organisations that collaborate securely across the Defence enterprise to achieve End-to-End delivery of materiel and services, including support through-life.

Team Defence is holistic and similar to the MOD's 'Whole Force' concept. It includes Users (e.g. the MOD, Allies, Other Government Departments and contractors) and Industry suppliers . The latter spans multinational prime-contractors and niche Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), securely collaborating across the Defence supply chain and support network.

The role of Industry in Team Defence is broadening as it undertakes a greater share of running operations on behalf of the MOD. Through a need to drive efficiency, both Industry and the MOD are interested in standardisation and use of so-called ‘Common Off The Shelf’ or COTS technology products. With its Team Defence construct,TD-Info promotes awareness that Industry suppliers are often ‘co-Users’ with the MOD of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) products and services that they purchase through MOD Information Systems & Services (ISS).

TD-Info promotes shared understanding of good practices and facilitates a range of holistic Team Defence contributions in areas such as requirements specifications, scenario planning and policy development.

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