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How do I use the TD-Info website?

Let's own up: we acknowledge that our website is 'text heavy' - perhaps of necessity! And we are aware that some memers comment that they find it hard to find information (sometimes). This FAQ aims to indicate how you can locate the content you are most interested in more readily - so we hope it's worthwhile reading!

Firstly, the bulk of the content is for members only.  This will be obvoius if you are trying to use the site as a non-member.  You will regularly be asked to 'sign-in' using your membership details in order to access content.  

So, if you have not done so, you need to Register first using the menu option on the Home page, selecting the name of the company you work for from a drop-down list, and then follow instructions.  There is some manual 'vetting' of online applciations before Admin staff trifgger a 'Welcome' email to be sent to you, with your password and 'invitation to sign-in' to the website.

How do we try to simplify how you can find what you are interested in?

Member users are expected to configure their website experience so the content is tailored to their preferences.  This immediatly cuts out what is not of relevance - and enables members to focus on contnet that is salient to them. This 'filtered' content is provided on you myTD-Info page.  

However, first you must 'tell' our website what you are interested in.  There are various ways you can achieve this.  The main one is to click on Follow (this topic) on any page where the content interests you.  For instance, you might be on the Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) page.


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