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What is the relationship between TD-Info, ADS Group and techUK?

TD-Info enjoys mutually supportive and complementary working relationships with ADS Group and techUK who are members of TD-Info and particpate at TD- Info Board meetings. TD-Info was formed at the request of ADS over two decades ago (when both organisations had different names - see website History section).

Both the ADS and techUK are larger organisations than TD-Info and carry a much wider remit.  The scope of TD-Info is a niche but vital one: that of secure information sharing and collaboration across defence organsations: in their supply chains, support networks through-life and with their 'common customer' in the Ministry of Defence.  

The largely hands-on work undertaken by TD-Info tends to be around collectively addressing common problems, seeking common and interoperatble 'real-world' solutions and templates that can be widely applied for mutual benefit.  

For a diagram showing the relationship of ADS, techUK and TD-Info, please see the TD-Info slide deck.



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