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Investigating Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)

Investigating Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)

1. Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) can produce circuits that meet advanced requirements such as:

• Rigid Multi-layer, up to 55 layers
• Vertically Integrated Circuits
• Embedded applications
• Printed:

o Capacitors
o RF Antennas
o Coils (Inductors)
o Transformers (DC2DC, AC2DC, AC2AC)

2. While still a relatively new approach Additively Manufacturing Electronic (AME) when applied to the complex circuit challenges above the components are are already demonstrating higher performance, increased densities, and lighter weight than traditional printed circuit boards.

3. Potentially applying AME to Defence introducing innovative and game changing sensors, antennae and electronic components could transform a range of military capabilities:

• C4ISR: RF antenna, Air / Space and Sea (more aerodynamic, embedded, encapsulated)
• Solider Systems: Body worn sensors for Health monitor sensors (body worn / IOT)
• Military Systems: IOT sensors
• UAS: Drone motors (printed induction coils) / drones circuits
• Advanced munitions: small, lightweight, focused RF missile applications

4. There is still, however, a need to test validate and assess the technology for application in Defence.

5. As a provider of Additive Manufacturing Electronic, via the LDM printer, Team Defence Information lead sponsor Nano Dimension Technology would like to co-create and collaborate with the Defence sector to learn and advance their AME technology over the next 12-24 months.

6. With their no operator intervention, high manufacturing precision and low volume enables rapid prototyping and Nano Dimension would like to offer 20 free printed boards. These will be allocated to Defence S&T, Commands, OEMs, Tier Suppliers and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME).

7. The process will follow a simple six-stage approach. Additional info

8. The outputs will inform the Defence Community about the maturity and potential application of AME for application in the sector and any areas where additional development or investment may be required.

9. Activities are already underway with UK MOD C4ISR with 5 Bn REME and RSME also expressing their interest so make sure you don’t miss out simply complete and return the proforma at Annex A.

10. The UK have also signed up to Horizon 20 which for the first time includes opportunities for Defence. This includes funded AME calls and Nano Di would be happy to support your proposals.

Added: 13th September 2021


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