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Readout from Sustainable Defence Support SWG

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Readout from Sustainable Defence Support SWG

Defence Support: Supply Chain – A DSFDB Sub-Working Group
1000-1300hrs Thursday 8th April 21

Supporting material from the event is availble for download from the Project area on the TD-Info website.

Follow Up Activities

1. SP Ops to arrange internal MOD meeting to agree appropriate co-ordination and mechanism for engagement with KTN Energy.

2. Bilateral are to take place between ASTRA / Defence Fuel Tx and ASTRA / Army HQ.

3. Number of interested parties to be invites to engage with Civil Service Environmental & Sustainability Group.

4. Additional sustainablity proposals can be submitted to CFD via

Note: this does not replace any other existing mechanisms such as DASA. Ideas submitted to CFD will be triaged and sequenced into the planned programme of work. The intent is to develop a coherent plan removing duplication and focusing effort across the Support Enterprise. Where outside of Support control they will be passed to appropriate Departments. Depending on a range of factors, a number of routes to market are available. This is all subject to funding and is without prejudice or commitment.

5. Individual feedback will be provided against all previously submitted ideas and proposals.

6. Sponsorship and stand opportunities are available for the Defence Fuels and Sustainable Energy Conference 17/18 Nov 21

Future Sus DefSp SWG Content
The following topics and potential speakers were identified:
1. Large primes (Babcock / BAE Systems) to be invited to present on their ESG strategies including NZ and sustainability.
2. RAF Astra to provide an overview of Sustainability activities across Air command.
3. AADP to present on measurement approach and flow down of targets to Commands
4. SpT to be invited to present on Phoenix 2
5. Jt Sp to be invited to present on Sp Performance and development of the sustainability KPI.

If you would like to identify others speak at future events, then please send a short synopsis to the undersigned.

Future Meetings
Hopefully restrictions will have lifted and future meetings will be in person. It is hoped that Leonardo will host the next event at iAERO. We are always looking for hosts so if you are interested then please reach out.
Dates for future meetings are:
• 17 June 21
• 21 October 21
• 17/18 November 21 (Def Fuels & Sus Energy 21)
• 22 February 22

Added: 29th April 2021


Sustainable Defence Support - A DSFDB Sub-working Group