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Team Defence Information Bulletin - June 2021

Defence Information 2021 (DI21) - 16-17 June

Have you booked your place for the DI21 conference jointly hosted by Team Defence Information and MOD Defence Digital?

DI21 provides an exciting opportunity for you to hear senior MOD/industry figures discuss this year’s theme “Exploiting the Defence Digital Backbone” and join interesting panel discussions on Digital Transformation, Cloud Services, the JIG Vanguard, and Transatlantic Relationships. The latest programme with further details on content is available here.

This year’s 2-day virtual conference follows the MOD’s recent launch of its “Digital Strategy for Defence”. Join Charlie Forte, MOD CIO, as he presents this new strategy and outlines the Government’s vision for delivering transformative digital capabilities that will enable sustainable military advantage.

Day 1 Theme: Information, Cyber & Information Enablers
Speakers: Charlie Forte, Maj Gen Tom Copinger-Symes, John Lawson, Philip White, Joe Robinson, Cdre Phil Game/Sam Packham, Rob Bassett Cross, John Strudwick, Kevin Brown, Christine Maxwell, Steve Morgan, Caroline Bellamy, Keith Dear

Day 2 Theme: Support, Services & Support Information
Speakers: AVM Richard Hill, Brig Richard Carter, Nigel Shaw, Steve Hyde, Eugene McSheffrey, Richard Franklin, Rebecca Stewart, Alex Hyde, Khadijah Khatun, and finally, transatlantic speakers; Nicolas M Chaillan, Dr Kate Gill, Dr Deji Coker, Brett Vaughan, John Matlik, Ben Rater, Al Donaldson and Guy Williams.

Panels Hosted by: Roger Hood, Charlie Monocochie, John Fitzpatrick, Gareth Hetheridge, Kevin O'Reilly and David Hawken.

Introduction: Phil Williams and Dr Jon Hall

Please hurry and book your place here. Discounted rate for TD-Info Members and MOD - free of charge. Full programme details can be found here. To exhibit - click here to book your stand. For further information on DI21, and how to become a sponsor, please email Sue Russell.

Future Events - A number of other notable events are coming up in the next few months:

Knowledge Management - Initial Briefing Session – 9 June - Knowledge management presents a key strategic risk for MOD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S). Adrian Baguley, DE&S Director General Strategic Enablers, is keen to share the draft DE&S Knowledge Management Vision & Strategy with TD-Info Members to see what they think and to widen the pool of Best Practice. TD-Info will be hosting a briefing session on 9 June at 09:00 hrs; if you would like to attend please register your free place here or contact Will Tuohy for more information.

Team Defence Information AGM and Council Meeting – 22 June - The next TD-Info AGM and Council Meeting will be held on 22 June. For further details please contact Will Tuohy.

MOD Strategic Command - Multi-Domain Integration (MDI) Industry Day – 24 June - MOD Strategic Command will be hosting a MDI Industry Day to brief the aims of the MDI concept, how the change programme has been constructed and offer operational insights to the benefits of MDI. In the morning, senior speakers from across the MOD will outline the ambitions of MDI and how the objectives will be met; the afternoon will focus on break out discussions with industry. The event will take place at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham; some elements of the day will be streamed online for remote attendance. Further details of the event are available on the Gov website here. To register please email UK Strat Com detailing your name and organisation. For more information please contact Leyton Lark.

ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (STE) Training Courses - 12 to 15 July - TD-Info successfully runs online STE training courses that can be suitably tailored to meet your specific requirements. The next STE course is being held on 12 to 15 July from 09:00 - 12:30 (GMT) daily. The training will be provided by Ciaran Dodd, Course Tutor, and it is intended to take place in person at the TD-Info Offices at Briarlands Office Park, Bristol.
Previous attendees say that they particularly like:

  1. Applying STE to their own documents to get feedback from the facilitator and each other
  2. Attending 4 half-day sessions to give time to reflect and stay up-to-date with work
  3. Being fully engaged and actively sharing ideas and opinions
  4. Getting practical tips to help them to realize the value of STE

Please click here for a booking form or contact Ciaran Dodd for further details.

Recent Events - A number of key Working Groups (WG) and notable events have recently taken place:

SupportNet 2021 (SupportNET21) Conference - 18 May 2021 - The MOD recently hosted its annual SupportNET21 conference with senior MOD and industry leaders giving their perspectives of the recent Integrated Review, Command Plan and Defence & Security Industrial Strategy. This free event proved to be a great success with over 700 delegates joining online from across the MOD, industry, and academia as well as 22 organisations exhibiting a virtual trade stand.

Conference attendees can view the presentations via the portal until 17 June 2021. Anyone unable to attend SupportNET21 who wishes to view the presentations retrospectively can do so by registering here. If you would like further information on SupportNET21 please contact Kevin Atkins.

Ethics in AI Conference - 26 May 2021 - On 26 May, TD-Info and techUK collaboratively hosted the Ethics in AI Conference. Lord Tim Clement-Jones opened the virtual event which included presentations by keynote international speakers from the MOD, industry, and academia on how AI is currently being used in defence and the key ethical issues associated with its application.

The conference, sponsored by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, was attended by over 650 delegates who enjoyed a very informative day and some thought-provoking discussions. All of the sessions were pre-recorded and these will be available to registered delegates, once we receive permission, via Kahootz. For further details of the event please Luca Leone.

Defence Support Digital Twin Community of Practice (DSDTCoP) - The DSDTCoP recently met as part of the realignment of the Defence Support Force Development Board Sub Working Groups (DSFDB SWGs). The aim of the DSDTCoP is to promote understanding, collaboration, and realization of mutually beneficial outcomes in the development of UK Digital Twin capabilities for Engineering, Equipment and Logistic Support across development lifecycles. It will achieve this through the development of architectures and standards promoting interoperability and collaboration across Government Departments, industry, and other UK Digital Twin interest groups. If you would like to become involved please contact Steve Green.

Future Capability Group (FCG) Open Innovation Laboratory (OIL) - The FCG aims to provide MOD Front Line Commands (FLC) and DE&S with an improved delivery capability for innovation projects and novel or cross cutting technologies. The FCG and Team Defence Information have recognised the importance of engaging with a diverse community to achieve this aim and recently formed the OIL as a mechanism for open collaboration and development of focused use cases across the MOD, industry, and academia. The OIL programme, to be facilitated by Team Defence Information, is still in development and engagement is expected to take many forms. Further information is available here; if you would like to become involved please contact Steve Green.

Publications of Interest

The MOD Defence Digital recently launched its “Digital Strategy for Defence – Delivering the Digital Backbone and unleashing the power of Defence’s data” outlining its vision for where digital in Defence needs to be by 2030. The document can be accessed via the Gov website here.

The MOD DE&S has also launched a new strategy in response to response to the Government’s Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy. The strategy document titled “DE&S 2025 – Delivering the Edge Through People, Technology and Innovation” is available on the Gov website here.

Key Dates for June and July 2021
Please check the TD-Info website Calendar here to confirm details and how to join as these are subject to change:

  • 1 Jun - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) Tools WG Meeting
  • 3 Jun – Supply Chain and Support Engineering Working Group (SCSEWG) Meeting
  • 7 Jun – Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF)
  • 8 Jun – Vanguard Quarterly Board Meeting
  • 8 Jun - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) SOM RACI WG Meeting
  • 9 Jun – TD-Info Executive Group - Knowledge Management - Initial Briefing
  • 9 Jun – Defence Asset Management Community of Practice Meeting
  • 10 Jun – Team Defence Strategy Group Meeting
  • 14 Jun – JISCOT
  • 14 Jun - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) Tools WG Meeting
  • 15 Jun - Supportability Modelling and Analysis WG Meeting
  • 16-17 Jun – Defence Information 2021 (DI21) Conference (BOOK)
  • 17 Jun - Sustainable Defence Support SWG
  • 21 Jun – Supportability Case WG Meeting
  • 22 Jun – Team Defence Information Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Council Meeting
  • 22 Jun - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) SOM RACI WG Meeting
  • 24 Jun - Multi-Domain Integration (MDI) Industry Day – MOD Event
  • 24 Jun – Supply Chain and Support Engineering WG (SCSEWG) Meeting
  • 28 Jun - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) Tools WG Meeting
  • 29 Jun – Information Security Forum Meeting
  • 30 Jun – Team Defence Executive Team Meeting
  • 6 July - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) SOM RACI WG Meeting
  • 12 July - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) Tools WG Meeting
  • 12-15 July – STE Training Course
  • 19 July – Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF)
  • 28 July – Team Defence Executive Team Meeting
  • 29 July – Supportability Case Working Group Meeting

Forthcoming Events - Non Team Defence-Info

22 June 2021 - Cityforum will be holding its Intelligent Defence and Smart Power conference themed “Delivering on the Integrated Review”. Details are available on the Cityforum website here.

Allan Webb is offering a wide range of through life support training courses in June identified here that are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). For further details please email

Battlespace - TD-Info Members are entitled to a 20% reduction in subscription to the Battlespace defence electronics news service. For further details please contact Julian Nettlefold.

COVID-19 – TD-Info Remote Working
Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the TD-Info administrative staff continue to work remotely; postal mail is only collected periodically. With this in mind, please use email as primary form of correspondence should you need to contact our admin or finance department.

Accessing documents and publications - To find documents use the Search function (located at the top right of the TD-Info website Home screen) which will appear after you have signed-in to the TD-Info website.

To find all the documents published on our website from, say, March 1st, 2020 to now, edit the search parameters to your needs. In this case, edit the date Added On/After to 1 March 2020 and the Added On/Before to today’s date.


Added: 4th June 2021