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Team Defence Information Bulletin - July 2021

This news story has been archived

Team Defence Information Bulletin - July 2021

Please note all links provided are to our website at and many are accessible to registered members only. To register please go to the top right-hand side of the home page, click on Register, and complete the form.

Thank you to everyone who attended Defence Information 2021 (DI21). The 2-day virtual conference proved to be a resounding success with over 800 registered delegates and senior MOD/industry speakers reflecting on the recently published Digital Strategy for Defence and discussing this year’s theme “Exploiting the Defence Digital Backbone”. Thanks to our main sponsor, Fujitsu, £1500 was donated to the SSAFA charity based on delegate visits to virtual stands with Babcock having the highest number of visits. The approved presentations will remain available for registered DI21 delegates to view on Kahootz until the end of July.

Our thanks and appreciation also go to Dr Tim King who is leaving TD-Info and rejoining Babcock International following his 2-year secondment to TD-Info in the Delivery Continuity Executive role (aka the Green Box). We wish Tim all the very best for the future. We would also like to welcome Craig Porter who will shortly take over the role on secondment from Leonardo.

New Lead Sponsor - We are pleased to announce that Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd is a new Lead Sponsor for TD-Info. Nano Dimension (Nasdaq, TASE: NNDM) is a provider of intelligent machines for the fabrication of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME).

New Member - We are also pleased to welcome Sopheon as a new Member of TD-Info. Sopheon partners with customers to provide complete Enterprise Innovation Management solutions including software, expertise, and best practices.

Improving Links with Academia and Not-for-Profit Organisations - In order to bring diversity of thought and wider collaboration from outside of Defence, TD-Info is building more formal relationships with academia and some not-for-profit organisations. We are pleased to announce that Lincoln University recently joined TD-Info as an Associate Member and we are in advanced discussions with several other organisations. This arrangement will provide access for interaction and collaboration with a more diverse stakeholder group as well as identifying opportunities for horizontal innovation and access to funding.

Digital Twin Online Survey - Please complete the online survey to enable the Defence Support Digital Twin Community of Practice (more details below) to compile a compendium of Digital Twin activity and projects across the Defence sector. The findings will be shared with Nation Digital Twin register and form part of the Defence knowledge base we are developing with the Centre for Digital Built Britain. For more details please contact Steve Green.


Future Events - A number of notable events are coming up in the next few months:

Briefing on Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – 8 July - The Information Security WG will be informing TD-Info Members about the potential risks and issues that CMMC accreditation represents for the UK. If you would like to attend, please contact Luca Leone.

Additive Manufacturing SWG – 15 July - At the next SWG on 15 July we will launch a new tasking for CDLS and SpT conducting a quick look to assess the maturity industry Additive Manufacturing capabilities in the strategic base. If you would like to attend, please contact Steve Green.

Logistics Transformation Industry Day – 28 July - MOD UK StratCom will be providing an update to industry on the Joint Fuels Transformation Programme (FTP) and Warehousing Distribution Optimisation (WDO) Project which will include the latest progress, issues, challenges, and risks. The MOD will also brief industry on the Request for Information (RFI) to be issued for each programme. The event will be held virtually and joining instructions will be distributed following registration here. For further details please contact Steve Green.

ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (STE) Training Courses - TD-Info successfully runs online STE training courses that can be suitably tailored to meet your specific requirements. The training will be provided by Ciaran Dodd, Course Tutor, and it is intended to take place in person at the TD-Info Offices at Briarlands Office Park, Bristol. Previous attendees say that they particularly like:

  • Applying STE to their own documents to get feedback from the facilitator and participants
  • Attending 4 half-day sessions to give time to reflect and stay up to date with work
  • Being fully engaged and actively sharing ideas and opinions
  • Getting practical tips to help them to realize the value of STE

Please register here or contact Ciaran Dodd for further details.

Future Capability Group - You may be aware from the recent Multi-Domain Integration (MDI) Briefing Day that the TD-Info Research Technology and Innovation community is supporting Future Capability Group (FCG) with their industry engagements. Currently work is ongoing to develop the FCG industry engagement strategy. In the near-term, industry engagements will include early market, requests for information and workshops around a range of capabilities ranging from ultrasonic cleaning of small arms through to swarming technologies and heavy lift drones. For more detail please visit our landing page or contact Steve Green.


Recent Events - A number of key Working Groups (WG) and notable events have recently taken place:

Team Defence Information AGM and Council Meeting - The TD-Info AGM and Council Meeting was held on 22 June. Minutes of the meeting will be made available to TD-Info Members shortly. For further details please contact Will Tuohy.

Visit to Millbrook Proving Ground – Technical Demonstrator 6 Hybridisation Vehicles - TD-Info staff recently visited the Millbrook Proving Ground to see the Technical Demonstrator 6 hybridisation vehicles the MOD is using to explore future power in the battlefield. The MOD is implementing several hybrid electric design constructs and modifying three in-service protected mobility platforms to conduct trials designed to validate or disprove the benefits and inform future capability investment decisions. Further information is available here or by contacting Steve Green.

MDI Briefing Day - On 24 June, the MOD hosted a very informative and topical MDI Industry Briefing Day at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham. TD-Info is now in the process of establishing a new MDI Working Group (MDI WG) for industry to join and progress the topic further. Steve Hyde, MOD Multi Domain Integration Head, will be the MOD Co-Chair for the WG and we are seeking nominations for an Industry Co-Chair. There has been considerable interest but if you would like to nominate someone for the role or become involved in the MDI WG please contact Leyton Lark.

Defence Support Digital Twin Community of Practice (DSDTCoP) - Following the successful publication of several papers on Digital Twins, TD-Info has now established the DSDTCoP and is developing a programme of work to create the foundations that will enable future digital twins to be fully integrated, interoperable, and federated across the product lifecycle and end to end supply chain. On 23 June, the DSDTCoP held its first session presenting an overview of planned activities and calling for support the first sprint activity. For more information visit our website or to become involved in this Community please contact Steve Green.

Integrated Product Support S-Series Specifications - Despite the widely recognised difficulties of the previous 12 months, the ASD Product Services Specification Group, in conjunction with their partners in the Aerospace Industries Association in the USA, have maintained their target to have a block release of the S-Series Specifications in 2021. Currently undergoing final editorial review, the block release signifies a momentous step forward in the integration of the said specifications and as their adoption becomes more widespread, will lead to improvements in the through life support of complex systems. For more information contact Leyton Lark.


Procurement Notices

From September 2021, the UK Government will require suppliers bidding for major government contracts to commit to achieving Net Zero by 2050 and publish a ‘Carbon Reduction Plan’. Further details of the latest Procurement Policy Note 06/21 and guidance for completing a Carbon Reduction Plan are available on the UK Gov website here. For further details please email the MOD Defence Commercial department.

The MOD recently created the Heavy Lift Challenge (HLC) Procurement Framework to accelerate the development of a range of autonomous Heavy Lift Uncrewed Air Systems for use predominantly, but not exclusively, in the maritime domain. The Authority is inviting tenders for this competitive framework which will facilitate an environment whereby suppliers are able to demonstrate current capabilities, set out product development and commercial exploitation roadmaps to accelerate pace of development and reduce time to market. Suppliers are invited to respond to the procurement tender no later than 26 July 2021, 12:00pm; details of the Procurement (Reference: 2021/S 000-014466) are available on the Gov website here.


Publications of Interest

TD-Info Activities and Working Groups - The latest edition of the “TD-Info Activities and Working Groups” has now been published and is available to view in pdf format here.

Sustainable Digital Technology and Services Strategic Approach - The MOD Defence Digital has recently published the Sustainable Digital Technology and Services (SDTS) Strategic Approach 2021-25. The document articulates how the delivery of the Digital Backbone can be realised in a way that achieves the UK Government’s priorities for climate change and sustainability. It directly supports both the Greening Government ICT and digital services strategy and the MOD Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach, which sets Defence’s strategic ambition for net zero emissions by 2050 and establishes an approach to achieving this ambition. The document is available to download on the Gov website here.

Thanks go to Oliver Organ (IMD Group) and Ben Eddy (Boeing) who are members of the TD-Info Vanguard and both contributed to producing the SDTS Strategic Approach document. If you would like further information, please contact the main author Grant Morley.

Introduction to Support Modelling - The Supportability Modelling and Analysis WG (SM&A WG) has recently published the first edition of the “Introduction to Support Modelling” which is now available for TD-Info Members to read here. If you would like more information on the document or wish to join the S&MA WG please contact Frank Murphy, the Industry Co-Chair.

Paper by Major Nik Krykunivsky RLC - The annual Fujitsu Support Competition explores the themes of strategy, information interoperability and digital resilience. Unfortunately, this year’s competition was cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic. Rather than let his ideas stay on hold, Major Nik Krykunivsky RLC decided to finish his paper with the hope that it might potentially form the basis for a project. Nik’s paper expresses his own personal views in response to the question “How would you generate Defence Support Network (DSN) survivability including any potential forms of resilience measure set against likely future challenges to maintain the advantage over our adversaries?” and is openly available to download here. Please contact Nik of you would like to discuss further.


Key Dates for July and August 2021 - Please check the TD-Info website Calendar here to confirm details and how to join as these are subject to change:

  • 1 July - Sustainable Defence Support SWG
  • 1 July – Def Stan 00-600 WG Meeting
  • 6 July - Forecast and Resource Planning (F&RP) SOM RACI WG Meeting
  • 7 July - Knowledge Management Support (Tools and Technology)
  • 8 July - Briefing on Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
  • 12-15 July – STE Training Course
  • 15 July – Defence Support Supply Chain – A DSFDB SWG
  • 19 July – Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF)
  • 28 July – Team Defence Executive Team Meeting
  • 28 July – Logistics Transformation Industry Day
  • 29 July – Supportability Case Working Group Meeting
  • 25 Aug – Team Defence Executive Team Meeting
  • 26 Aug – Supportability Case WG Meeting


Forthcoming Events - Non Team Defence-Info

19 July - Cyber-Physical Fabric Summit. The summit will explore the power of federated digital twins and cyber-physical infrastructure at a national scale, and is supported by Royal Academy of Engineering, BEIS, UKRI, GoScience, Alan Turing Institute, Centre for Digital Built Britain and Robotics Growth Partnership. Register here.

Allan Webb is offering a wide range of through life support training courses in June identified here that are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). For further details please email

Battlespace - TD-Info Members are entitled to a 20% reduction in subscription to the Battlespace defence electronics news service. For further details please contact Julian Nettlefold.



Added: 13th July 2021