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MOD Issues Request for Information (RFI) - Project: 701578702 - Digital Battlespace


Following the US DOD’s adoption of the android development kit the UK MOD are considering how a similar approach could be applied and scaled for UK Defence.

To inform their commercial approach, the MOD has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to learn from industry experience of API strategies, data integration and agile application development and how this could be applied across the digitised battle-space.

This RFI process just utilises a basic quad chart to ask four 4 questions which along along with your company contact details should be emailed to Sophie Spiring no later than 27 Sept 21.

Following receipt of your submission the MOD will arrange individual follow-up meetings/workshops and it is understood that they intend go to market for a contract commencing in the next financial year.

Full details can be found on the Defence Sourcing Portal or a copy of the RFI document can be downloaded from the TD-Info website here.

MOD are keen to learn from other sectors and non-traditional suppliers so please do engage.

Added: 10th September 2021