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MDI Working Group Comms August 2021

This news story has been archived

MDI Working Group Comms August 2021

Thank you very much to all those who joined the TDI MDI Working Group inaugural session on Friday 30th July, which hosted an incredible 147 attendees, representing government and industry. Through the following points brief the MDI leadership team felt it was important to give you feedback on the launch event and clarity on proposed next steps, as follows:

Pending formal alignment with Defence Suppliers Forum the status is as follows.

Access to information:
The MDI leadership is
Steve Hyde,
Steph McMenamin,
Paul Eastwood,
Steve Worsnip,

As requested, the launch material will be available via the TDI website via the following link

In addition, ongoing MDI detailed information will be available to MDI Working Group members via the Kahootz portal, please consider who in your organisation will become an active WG member.

Working Group Session assessment:

The inaugural MDI WG launch event was judged to be a huge success and involved 147 interested parties. Around 60 responses highlighting areas of interest were captured. The three sharp cloud exercise questions captured 283 entries.

The sharp cloud exercise suggested that attendees valued further debate in the following future spotlight topics, with the WG Leadership envisaging developing a future activity programme that mixes large group Spotlight sessions, aimed at getting to an outcome product for publishing and promotion; and smaller more focused sub-group work within the WG:

  • Programme Leadership
  • Commercial
  • People, Skills and Culture
  • Pathfinder Projects (& Pipe Cleaner)
  • Systems Engineering and Leadership
  • Policy & Assurance
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Market Intelligence & Adjacency
  • Data Driven Decision Making
The MDI WG leadership team believe there is synergy with the 3* endorsed MDI Embedding Integration High Level Recommendations (HLR) being taken forward within the MDI Change Programme Design Authority, these are:
  • Continued Embedding Integration work and Early Market Engagement with Industry
  • The development of an End to End, Top to Bottom Systems Approach for MDI
  • Definition and development of the ‘MDI Way’ vision and story board
  • Development of the Acquisition/Operations System Checks & Balances within MOD Acquisition lifecycles
  • Definition and development of a Value Management Framework for MOD and MDI
  • Scoping and scaling of options and proposals for achieving ‘MDI Now’

The MDI Leadership group believes by taking forward the MDI working group’s topics we will mature our thinking, plus inform the 3* Spotlight challenges.

The MDI leadership wish to create and continue broad involvement in 2021, in addition to focussing down on specific topics.

Planned Interventions (Spotlights):

During the remainder of 2021 we will seek to host four MDI working group Spotlight sessions commencing post DSEI, in late September, that align with the requested MDI HLRs above, these are:
  1. Understanding and getting under the skin of the strategic intent of IR, DCP and DSIS and their influence and relationships to MDI.
  2. The creation of an MDI Embedding Integration heat map.
  3. How we influence the MOD to recognise MDI Commercial challenges and implications for MDI and IR.
  4. Developing greater MDI collaboration between MOD and Industry.

Within our session on ‘strategic intent of the IR, DCP and DSIS’, we will look to secure your vote on the order of priority for topics 2 – 4 above.

The first broad spotlight topic on the IR, DCP and DSIS will be a hosted session on 27th September 1.30pm to 4.30pm and registering for this engagement will be via the TDI website.

In addition, as indicated above, we will look to host around 10 – 15 more detailed working interventions for a smaller number of participants (circa 15 MOD & Industry participants) commencing within the next two weeks and covering topics such as MDI Way story boarding; Systems Approach development and walk throughs; Value Management Framework definition and exploration; MDI Checks & Balances consideration and definition;

We will issue invites via TDI website requests for attendance to these more focused sessions for active contributors representing diverse thought and expertise from a population including industry, academia, and Government. These sessions will be conducted on a ‘best endeavours’ basis and attendance will be allowed on a fair and equitable basis to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to participate.

Background work:
In the background the MDI Working Group is developing foundational enablers as follows:
Understanding why NEC failed – A RUSI paper from Bill Robins should be made available on Kahootz shortly.
Strengthening the formal Defence Suppliers Forum (DSF) linkages. Particularly to the new Digital stream of DSF.
Strengthening TDI Digital and other Working Group linkages.
Reporting the high interest, early progress and credibility of the MDI WG to the TDI Strategy and 3* board.
Creation and mobilising a working group network to get group interchange moving.
Plot an outline timeline to end April 22 at least, ensuring strong alignment with feedback from MDI working group areas of interest.
Developing views and recommendations on the principles of and a charter for effective MDI joint working, which will soon be socialised by Kahootz to MDI active working group members.
Mechanisms for reaching diverse experiences and insights.

Thank you for reading the above brief and assisting the group on our early momentum and progress.

Please get involved:
We would welcome your attendance at our first MDI WG Spotlight session on 27th September 2021 on the topic of ‘Understanding the strategic intent of IR, DCP and DSIS and its relationship to MDI’. A pre-requisite for which will be that attendees read the three strategic documents available from Gov.UK and have insights to offer into the session.

In advance of that working group session we request that you consider:
  • The order of priority for our follow-on Spotlight sessions – topics 2 to 4 noted above?
  • Who will represent your organisation as we move into detailed sessions?
  • How to bring maximum value to this critical UK capability and area?


Added: 17th August 2021


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