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TD-Info and Future Capability Group create new strategic relationship

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TD-Info and Future Capability Group create new strategic relationship

On behalf of the Commands, DE&S Future Capability Group (FCG) are responsible for enabling new and innovative capabilities to cross the valley of death. Recognising that many blockers are non-technical they value the collaborative nature of Team Defence Information members and wider community in addressing common challenges, removing blockers and enabling accelerated innovation.
Following the Integrated Review, Financial Settlement and Command Plan, as Defence resets its programmes, the FCG Open Innovation Laboratory (OIL) will facilitate collaborative engagements around key concepts and capabilities.
The programme is still in development but, with a focus on problems, the engagements will take many forms and it is envisaged that it will tackle the opportunities and implications of key concepts such as IOpC and MDI and considering enablement of drones, swarming, future energy and digital backbone.

For additiional information on this group and future activities then please go to the Landing Page or contact Steve Green.


Added: 6th May 2021


Future Capability Group Open Innovation Laboratory