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Defence Fuels and Sustainable Energy Conference 2021

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Defence Fuels and Sustainable Energy Conference 2021

For many years the MOD fuel stakeholders have held an annual conference. This is the first time the event has been opened to industry and Team Defence Information are pleased to be facilitating.
The intent is for this event to be a physical conference held at the Defence Academy of the UK. COVID restrictions may limit attendance so booking will not open until August.
However, there are sponsorship and stand opportunities. For more information, please contact
Share MOD strategy, tactical direction, and developments within the Defence Fuels Enterprise (DFE) and to explore ways sustainable energy can contribute towards the Defence Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach and government NZ50 targets.
Why attend:
1. Develop and strengthen Defence Fuel & Sustainable Energy cross sector networks and industry relationships.
2. Increase awareness, knowledge and understanding across Defence Fuels Community.
3. Explore collaborative opportunities to reduce environmental impact by introducing more sustainable fuels, lubricants and gasses.
4. Identify opportunities for E2E process change reducing environmental impacts, while improving operational advantages.
5. Understand DFE operational challenges especially around infrastructure resilience.


Added: 22nd April 2021